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    Grinding with Uopilot

    Grinding in aika online is possible with uopilot autoclicker, try googling it.

    Here is a base fighting sequence

    Send tab
    //if hp bar is vsible
    if 474, 67  10657769   
     Right 338, 707  
     goto atak
    goto main
    click attack icon
    Right 277, 709 
    while 474, 67 10657769
       goto atak
    You need to set your own coordinates for the script with ctrl+A, full documentation is available in the software

    The targeting is restricted to what the user sees on screen, you will need to add some movement to the layer by ending some forward or backward movement with arrows.

    Get the player in a good spot and hit play.

    Also, you can add some heal sequence if player is low hp during fight, and some item picking after the mob is dead

    Hope you find usefull.

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    already have various topics like

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