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Thread: Running faster

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    Running faster

    Some people do not know the bug, so I'll post here how to use the bug

    Press "R"
    press arrow up 1segundos in 1 second
    do not press more quickly you will get DC

    no other way to run faster

    Press "R"
    Quickly press Q or E, Char will turn quickly to the side and will keep running
    do this several times run much fast"not DC"
    You can use the two together making running much faster

    Tested in AikaBR
    You do not notice, most others yes

    Any errors in spelling sorry "google translator"

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    good. video demo.. better

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    It's more visual than functional.
    Ya ran little faster because "q+e" will just remove the animation.
    But yea let's say its something fail on aika.
    This method also works when spell skills, it will remove the whole animation of skills or atack normal beast for Snipers.

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