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    Quote Originally Posted by S4R4H View Post
    you can't just copy my packets and resend all of it..
    the 29th - 70th values are the source and destination address, which will be different/unique for each computer..
    in short, yours != mine..
    this means that each one will have to identify the packets and modify them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiodourado View Post
    this means that each one will have to identify the packets and modify them?
    not all of it, for crafting we are only interested in the payload section which carries the value/code we want to modify..
    the rest is auto-crafted by your computer, the source address, destination address, packet size, header, protocol etc.. unique for each computer..

    in my packets, the payload section starts at the 97th value until the end..

    but as I said in the first post, there are only 2 values within that range that I intend to change and I need to know where does it come from..

    again, I have not tested any of it since I can't get my hands on an unpacked client/bypass..

    please try it yourself in the meantime if you got the 'hacked client'.. good luck..
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