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    PIN Reset in Aika Online

    This is the step-by-step guide for requesting for a Pin Reset:

    1. PIN reset can be done by logging-in our Aika Website then choosing “Security Center” through the Support Menu.

    2. Scroll down at the bottom part of the page and select "Reset In-Game Password” at the bottom part of the screen to receive an email from T3Fun.

    3. Click the link given in the email. (The link is valid for 1 hour only)

    4. After clicking the link found in the first email by T3Fun, you are provided a new window that shows three fields representing the character selection screen. Enter the name of the character in the correct field and click reset password.

    • You must accurately enter the name of the locked character at the exact position it is placed in at the selection screen in order to successfully reset the PIN of that character. Password will not reset if the character name does not match.
    • This is a case-sensitive entry.
    • If there are no existing characters in a slot, just indicate BLANK or EMPTY as the name.

    5. If the steps are done correctly, you will receive a confirmation email for the successful pin reset.

    This can only be done once per day.

    We hope that this information provides you with a speedy resolution to your security issues.
    Thank you.

    AIKA Global GM Team

    I posted this from an email of GM Team when I accidentally locked my character due to inputting of wrong PIN 3 times in a row.

    Sharing this to all since there is still no guide about this one here in our forum.
    Hope this helps everyone too.


    Best regards,

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