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    Cool About Critical and Critical Damage

    Hello folks, here we are again for more tips and more discussion about another subject. This time we will talk more about critical attack rate and critical damage.

    What means critical?

    In our great game'' Aika Online BR'', we mean that the critic an attack that is above average, different from normal attack, so called Critical (a strong attack, with greater power).

    Yes it is very good, let alone better attack, so let's see how this increase critical power and increase the chance of happening.

    Critical Attack Rate:

    Many have difficulty differentiating Critical Attack Rate and Critical Damage. 1 will be explained on the Attack Rate'' critical'': It means the chance of getting critical cause harm on someone, the more critical attack rate, the more chance of causing damage Critics. See what your rate below:


    Critical Damage:

    Now that we know how'' and'' Critar how to increase your chances, let this Critical Damage Increase. Damage means critical as you will get to drop Critical. As the average Default Critical Damage increases by 25 ~ 30% of its normal damage (unconfirmed), but we can increase that percentage as crystals, Sets, Pran (Crystal), and Mount Accessories (crystal).

    Examples legal :

    I ranco Hit 4,000 in Standard (also applies to Skill)
    With critical rancarei 5000
    I use Twilight and he gives 25% Critical Damage, I shall soon becoming rancid 6000
    My Weapon Damage Critical put 13% increase to hit your Logo 6500
    Santa buffou me +24% (not valid for the Master Sword), aiiiii vai for 7480
    That looks cool as his 4000 hit can turn 7480

    Common questions:

    13% critical damage (weapon) combo with 25% of twilight? Yes
    My weapon damage has already criticize the Add Blue, combo with 13% + 25%? Yes Yes
    Buff Santo combo with my critical damage of my Sets / Weapons? Yes (combo not only master of the Sword)
    Points of Strength increases your damage Crit.

    (Screenshot image of the official forum Aika BR player I *)
    Aika + Play, Sets, Crystals, giving Accessories Critical Attack Rate and Critical Damage.
    Increase Attack Rate critic:
    Set the Twilight +10 (in its Effect 4)
    All Sets of Honor
    Set the Comet, +6 (in its Effect 4)
    Accessories Buried Forest +3 Each party
    Accessories Chief EmegĂȘncia +3 Each party
    Accessory Queen +3 (Only Effect 2)
    Ring and Earring of Lycan +6 (lv.75) each
    Rare Weapons of lv.85 +8 (add Blue)
    Tiara Pran +3
    Crystal Critic 3, 4, 6 Weapon
    Critical Crystal 2, 3, 4 Accessories
    Increases the critical damage:
    Set the Cepusculo +25% (in its Effect 4)
    Sep 85 Honor +25% (in effect 5, and 6 for effect Templar)
    Rare Weapons lv. 85 +8% (Add Blue)
    Weapon Lv.2 rare 75'' enhanced'' +10% (Only when that has HP Lv.1)
    Accessories Ocean Deep +5% (In its Effect 4)
    Molten Lava Accessories from every part +2% (+2% with effect 4)
    Crystal Weapon of Critical Damage +8, +10 or +13%
    Crystal Pran Critical Damage +3%
    Cristal Riding +2% Critical Damage

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    thanks your tutorial bro

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