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    Classguide for a CS/NM of AIKA

    Hi Everybody!

    If YOU are a Night Magician / Chaos Sorcerer and is unsure of your build, THIS IS WHERE YOU COME TO!

    Below are a list of things MrGod(me) will share with you today.

    1. Where to Learn more skills for your Night Magician.
    2. What are the really useful skills for Night Magician, and what those skills are for, and how to use them effectively!!
    3. How to fight using a Night Magician against all classes(including your own)
    4. How to level up yourself from level 1 - 50 and 50 - 60 (Which class are your best friends in Grinding) (Including Pve Build)
    5. How to earn GOLD using your Night Magician!
    6. How to make yourself a PVP 1 v 1 Night Magician
    7. How to make yourself a PVP Raid Night Magician
    8. Which Unique Set equipment is good for Night Magician, and why!
    9. What skills do you need to have for PVE Dungeons!
    10. Lastly read it to know it! xD

    1.Where to learn your night magician skills.

    You can learn them from Seinna O' Connor in Regenshien (Ministry Of National Defence) (just press M to have access to your Map and you will see it^_^)

    2.The Really useful Skills Night magician have!!

    Tier 1:

    1: Chaos Flame : This is a skill that come with you at level 1! Its the most frequently used skill for a Night Mage, If offer you Very decent Damage , giving you a high chance to get a critical hit on your opponent and Lastly give your target a fire debuff for 6 seconds!

    Uses: This is the MOST useful/Powerful skill from level 1 - 25! This skill is Very flexible you can use it anyway anytime you want During PVP/PVE

    Pros: Good Damage/ 1second Cooldown /High critical chance
    Cons: Long casting animation

    2. Pain: You can attain this skill at level 4! It's very useful before level 25! this skill deals damage over time to targetted enemy for 6 seconds and inflict Dark Debuff.

    Uses: Against strong bosses at low level! I'm sure you will come across time where you got no time to attack the boss! cause you are busy spamming your potion. HAHAHA alright this is what you do!, Use Pain on the boss from your furthest range, and the boss will come to you, apon seeing the boss running to you, RUN!! and throw a fireball! after that RUN AGAIN!! and when 6 seconds is over, cast pain on him again! and keep repeating the process! and don't forget your potions!. you can also use this after level 25 and stack it with your Darkness Swarm it will do additional 45 Dmg / tick ^^

    Pros: Instant cast! no long animation!/Dark Debuff!
    Cons: Low damage take too long to kill

    3: Change:You can attain this skill at level 6. This skill is a magic that enable you to turn target into a cute little rabbit!

    Uses: You can use it against a single monster, pvp 1 v 1 to buy yourself some time to run away/ rest/ taunt him ^^, or in dungeon when the tank lured too much you can use it on 1 monster and lighten the load a little.

    Pros: Long duration
    Cons: spell broken as soon as someone hit the target!/Long cooldown/Slow cast

    4: Shock Wave: You can attain this skill at level 8. This skill is just the same as Chaos Flame, other than it changes the Critical to Slow Debuff

    Uses: Fight against Warrior/ Crusader / Melee Monsters

    Pros: Slow Debuff!!/ Decent Damage
    Cons: long casting animation

    5: Black Shield: You can attain this skill at level 10. In my opinion this is a skill ALL night magician Must have! At only level 1 it takes away 30% Damage taken to your MP! at level 58 it takes away 54% of damage taken to your MP!

    Uses: you basically use it 24/7 as without them you will feel EXTREMELY insecure

    Pros: This skill make Night Magician a VERY TOUGH target
    Cons: it drains away your MP rapidly when you are being attacked.

    6:Chaos Inferno: You can attain this skill at level 12. It gives the target a 3 second stun along with a very good damage and adds extra damage if target have Fire debuff

    Uses: After you throw a fireball! and right after a Chaos Inferno, THROW A FIREBALL AGAIN!!

    Pros: Instant cast/ Stun 3seconds/ Interupt others when they are using skills/ Very good damage
    Cons: Long cooldown time Other than that, its perfect!

    Tier 2:

    1: Hitch:You can attain this skill at level 17 Deal a little bit of damage along with Silence effect.

    Uses: PVP against all classes 1 v 1 / Fighting against Skill casting monsters eg. Bana/Cubes/Beholder

    Pros: Silence! very useful during PVP, and on Skill casting monsters, most of the time Silence will keep the monster from attacking./
    Cons: Long cooldown/Little damage

    2: Erode: You can attain this skill at level 19. It enables you to deal melee damage and leech HP at the same time, and prevent opponent's HP from regenerating.

    Uses: When you got low HP you can just use it on the Monsters around you and gain back some/ Use against Warrior during PVP, as they got good HP regeneration! and any other classes as soon as your HP drop about 30% (use it fast, as you might have a chance to use it again if you are fighting a Crusader)

    Pros: Attack and Defence at the same timE! Prevent RegeneratioN! / Pretty good cooldown speed of 20 seconds
    Cons: Melee( which means if a snper slow you at max range, you will never make it to him using Erode)

    3: Mana Storm: Can be attained at level 21. Increase Magic attack and use more MP every time

    Use: IT's a passive skill, IMO its pretty useless, 1 skill point on this, you could have just put it on a damaging skill!, as when you go high level your skill point is NEVER enough!

    Pros]Cons[/b]]4: Mana Harmony:[/i] You can attain this skill at level 23. Increase Mp and MP recovery rate.

    Uses: Passive skill, If you want a long lasting Mage, you might want to have this skill.

    Pros: More MP for you to use your Mana shield and enable you to grind for a longer period of time.
    Cons: uses too much skill points, In my opinion this is not worth the points.

    5: Darkness Swarm: You can attain this skill at level 25.

    Uses: When grinding/leveling use this skill to deal damage to multiple enemy at the same time, just lure the monsters to you and cast it on the ground by clicking on the ground to cast it.While Raiding/ defending You can cast it on a whole bunch of enemy and deal damage to all of them at the same time!(this will usually earn you some honor Points)

    Pros: decent Damage over time/ AOE damage
    Cons: easily interupted when being hit by enemy.

    6: Eclater: Damage to the Target and it's surrounding enemy( either when the time is up/ or target's HP drop to 50%

    Uses: During raid/defence: Cast this on any enermy and when the Eclater explode it will hurt all his friends around him/Cast it on a monster when you are grinding, and attack it and let the skill do the damage to those around it

    Pros: AOE damage, decent Damage
    Cons: Long cooldown time/ can be purified by priest

    Tier 3

    1: Lightning Lance:You can attain this skill at level 32. A damaging skill, instant cast on a single target and deal good damage, Removes multiple defence skill 2x (eg. Crusader's Protect)Deals extra damage when target is under Lighting debuff

    Uses: Fight against Warrior or Crusader, you can use this skill to remove Crusader's Protect/ Warrior's Block/ After that you can also add it into your combo and deal good damage to your enermy.One of the best skill for 1v1 combat

    Pros: FAST 3seconds cooldown/ Good damage/ Instant Cast.
    Cons: Nil

    2: Chaos Blaze: You can attain this skill at level 34 this skill enables you to deal damage and Slow enemies around you at the same time!

    Uses: During a fight against Warrior/Crusader, after you take away their blocks/protect you can slow them and prevent them to run to you and attack you ask most of their attacks are Melee attack. Against monsters, while grinding/leveling you can use this skill after your Darkness Swarm got interupted, this skill might save you some repair cost as after slowing them down if your HP is too low you can easily run away from the monsters!

    Pros: Good Damage/ AOE damage/ Cause Slow Debuff
    Cons: Long cooldown time

    3: Sleeping Haze:You can attain this skill at level 36 This skill enables you to cast a sleep debuff to all enemy around you.

    Uses: During a raid, you can use this to sleep all enemy guarding against your relic carrier / when you are running pass the Guards. During PVP 1v1 you can use it so that you are able to Cast a Darkness Falls on your enemy, as that skill take 8 seconds to activate(will explain more about that skill later). During Grinding/Leveling you can use it to Sleep your enermy at critical time, to escape Or you can use this when all your skills are on Cooldown and wait for your skill to get ready again!

    Pros: Very effective skill, Very useful, you basically needed for any build, be it Dungeon/ PVP 1v1/PVP raid/PVE grinding/leveling.
    Cons: target wakes up as soon as it got hit/ Long cooldown time

    4: Hand Of Darkness: You can attain this skill at level 38.Decrease Hit rate/ Move speed/ Physical and Magical Defence.

    Uses: During PvP 1v1 It is a very useful skill, if you max this skill, i rest assure you that you are going to make your opponent look like a fool! as most his attacks will be hitting the air! and your damage will hurt him MUCH more than usual!.

    Pros: it's lik a all in one debuff! very useful!
    Cons: single target: long cooldown time of 40 seconds!! awwwwww

    5: Mass Teleport: you can attain this skill at level 40. It allows you to teleport your whole party around you to ANY exact spot that you went before, all you have to do is save that spot on your Mass Teleport skill window.

    Uses: during defence! you can port your whole party to which ever Devir you want to defend in SECONDS!! Or teleport yourself to your dungeon entrance and enter the dungeon instead of running around like the other classes.

    Pros: what else can i say? ITS TELEPORT!!!
    Cons: long cooldown/ Unable to save location during cooldown/ can be interupted if you are under attacked/limited save points depending on your skill level on the skill.

    6: Darkness Fall: You can attain this skill at level 40. The Most Powerful skill a Night Magician can have! Deal awesome DAMAGE!!+ 6 second stun! with some cons

    Uses: During PVP 1v1 you WILL have to cast a atleast level 3 sleep on your enemy, then cast your meteor on the target! becareful lookout for monsters around you/target, as anything touches your target will wake him up, and if anything touches you might interupt your cast!/ During Pve Leveling, When you got no more skills to cast and is desporate, you are left with your sleep!! USE YOUR SLEEP!! and cast a Darkness Fall on them! One Darkness fall should be able to finish off Most monsters or leave them with just a little bit of HP, and by the time you cast them, your darkness swarm should be ready again and use the darkness swarm to finish them off, when they are on their 6 seconds stun! During Raid/ Defend Just hide somewhere amoung your friends and Cast it on the whole group!

    Pros: Awesome Damage!(best damage in the game aside from sniper's)+6 seconds stun!!
    cons: The longest Cooldown you ever seen! and the Longest Cast time you ever heard of! *cry*

    Tier 4

    1: Death Link: You can aquire this skill at level 51. This skill enable you to do good damage, but you will recieve back 75% of the damage to yourself.

    Uses: against a Crusader, you can use this skill to remove his protect, as when his protect is on, it doesn't do any damage to him, so it don't hurt you, as the casting is instant, and the cooling time is short. and during PVP when you are about to die, you can use this skill you might be able to turn the tied if its a close fight! As this skill WILL NOT kill you, it will just leave you with 1 HP so if his HP is also Low this skill might allow you to turn the table and let you win the fight with 1 HP.

    Pros: Very good damage / Instant Cast/ Fast cooldown.
    Cons: IT HURTS!! and uses 1 piece of facion.

    2: Dark Affinity: You can attain this skill at level 55. By a certain chance, you can prevent from being silenced and feared.

    Uses: Passive

    Pros: avoid you from being silence n feared -.-
    Cons: using a skill point for less than 5% chance isn't worth it

    3.Deadly Sins: You can attain this skill at level 59! It allow you to deal a FIXED damage over time and decreses move speed to all enemy in the radius.

    Usesuring raid/defence: use it on your enermy and wait for honor HA!

    Pros: the radius is HUGE! and the slow effect is good~ Damage is not affected by opponent's Magic defence
    Cons: Damage is not affected by your Magic attack, which means its fixed, and in my opinion, the damage is too low


    Next will be what ALL OF YOU IS WAITING FOR!!

    3: How to fight different classes!!

    First thing first, always have your Black shield ON!

    This will only help you win if the opponent level is about the same or slightly higher, with about the same level Gears. If you only got a +5 - +6 set do not try to atk those you see with a Purple or Pink Glow on their weapon! just sleep them and RUN!!

    1. Warrior: when you are fighting a warrior, ALWAYS remember!, they are melee fighters! so 1st you need to take your range!, and remember they got a skill that enables them to block your skill so always use your lightning lance first! its instant cast! that would most likely remove the block!. next, Cast your hand of darkness on him and run a little follow with a chaos flame, after that a chaos Inferno, while he's in stun, cast your silence on him! if he chase after you he should be beside you now, cast your chaos blaze and get some distance, next throw another chaos flame. if he still isnt deal and coming near you, sleep him! and do your Darkness Falls, that should do the job, if he is not dead, throw another chaos flame, follow by a chaos inferno. by then if he is still alive, YOU ARE DEAD MEAT! HAHAHAH!! ALways remember, if a warrior start his stun locking on you, you are also very likely to lose. Warrior is a job that is good at PVPing any class. becareful Mages. but don't worry, with your black shield, an equal level Warrior shouldn't hurt you badly.Here is a short combo! you can try, OR you can try this if you got no Hand Of Darkness and Hitch.lightning lance>>Sleep>>DarknessFalls>>Chaos Flame>>Chaos Inferno>>Chaos Flame>> Chaos Blaze>> lightning lance>> Hand of Darkness>> Chaos flame>> lightning lance>> WINNER!

    2: Crusader: Alright, this is a VERY irritating class, they hit you for VERY little with your shield on, BUT! if you don't know how to deal with them, they might end up killing you with them NOT EVEN SCRATCHED! Crusader is a class Very strong against Skill users like magician, as we only have skills, so now i'll tell you how to go against them.First you need get some distance! use lightning lance>>Dead link and run again keep doing the same thing untill his protect is OFF! its a bubble around him, after the bubble goes off, look out for his reflect, its a blue Buff if im not wrong, use your weakest skill on him when he got reflect, then as soon as his reflect is off silence him, after that cast a chaos flame follow by chaos inferno, during the stun, cast Hand of Darkness on him, and get some distance, keep spamming what every range spell on him! (eg. chaos flame>> chaos inferno(if not on cooldown if not skip this), lightning lance.) after that before his slow wear off faster run to him and cast a chaos blaze! and run away it will slow him down again, keep doing this! bear in mind, if you got silenced by the crus, do not stand there and let him attack you, Run around!!! stick to this, and get the Victory!!!

    3: Sniper: BE VERY CAREFUL!! Sniper is capable to take away your black shield and KO you with a stun with just 1 to 2 shot!

    First thing when you see a sniper, make sure you do not cast a brand new black shield on because he can take away the buff right away!, you should first silence him using Hitch. Next run to him and sleep him follow with a darkness fall, while he is stuned use your chaos flame>>Chaos inferno>>chaos flame, If he survive, he will surely go on stealth mode! so now! use all your pran buff!! there is a chance that he debuff your pran skill instead of your black shield, as soon as he appear chaos flame on him again! he should last this long anyway. IF you see an enemy sniper stealthed before you hit them, IMMEDIATELY on all your pran skills! and as soon as he appear again Nuke him with everything you got, if you got slowed by a sniper, don't bother running to them for the sleep, just stun them silence them, and HOD them, follow by all your range skills, that should do the job

    4ual Gunner: Alright, This class is the STRONGEST class in PVP 1v1. a good Dual Gunner can easily finish you off with your black shield on with 1 combo! BUT they are extremely weak against magic attack, so what you do with them, is definately try to hit them before they disabled you! It's extremely difficult as they got a skill that enable them to dodge the first attack (just lik warrior can block) so first you will use your Lightning lance, very quickly and throw them a Chaos Inferno! if you are close enough to them use your sleep and darkness Fall them ASAP! if he is still alive you can either run away while he is on his 6 second stun, or you can use your flame and hope you crit and kill him. as soon as you get caught by them and they got no cooldown on them, you most likely dead. Just a tips, when you got Flashed by a Dual gunner, your screen will turn grey, during that time, do no stand there and do nothing, faster press tab and cast your chaos flame or whatever skill you have on him! I once killed a Dual Gunner while i cant see anything, and turned the fight.

    5: Priest: Expect this to be a VERY VERY long fight, Priest got almost as much Magical defence as you! and YES they can remove helpful spell!! Priest looks cute, but if they are on PVP build, they are Ranked the 2nd in 1 v 1 PVP list! what i do is i will First throw a Chaos Inferno to stun them! after that faster cast a silence(Hitch)!, the first Chaos Inferno is a steal! Finish them off before your Hitch wear off! Priest run VERY fast, so try to keep close to them! so as they run u still can hit them a couple of times, ALL priest run once they realise they are silenced, so as soon as they are silenced, if they are close to you SLOW THEM. Kill them BEFORE your silence wears off! its a must!, if you don't have silence or they managed to heal themselves after you casted your silence and stun, RUN AROUND!! their only painful skill most Priest have is Lux(the lightning thingy from the sky) run around to make yourself hard to be targeted, well in this case it can take FOREVER to kill one another, but YOU magicians are at the losing side, because, as you are hitting your MP drop, and as you are being hit YOUR MP DROP TOO!! MP is as good as your HP, if your MP depletes you are as good as dead!, if you manage to deplete the Priest's Mana, you are less likely to chase after him anyway, so when u see a priest that didn't die after you casted your silence and stuns, the best thing to do, is to run away instead of dying. CHEERS~

    Lastly your own class.

    6.Night magician: for this, Its a fight of MP/HP/Magic Defence. (also known as Gears) Unless one of them doesn't have Silence skill on them, Which i think is very important in 1v1 combat.

    First thing you want to do, is to Stunt each other! whoever stun first wins! On all your pran buffs! and after you stun them, sleep them and darknessfall! whoever finish this combo first wins the fight usually, as after taking so much damage, you are only left with maybe 50% MP if you are strong, and you wouldnt be able to do the same back to him, due to MP shortage. so yup, its a battle of speed.(Unless you have an air pran, make him miss and you can turn the fight!)

    4: How to level 1-50

    at level 1-10 your skills are limited, VERY important things, Complete all your quest given! learn any skill you can learn and make full use of them!

    Before level 25, your best friends are Priest, as they can heal you and help you kill non stop without eating potions and resting!

    After level 25, your Best friends are Priest and Crusader, Priest can give you a shield that will absorb Physical damage, and most of the monsters at your area is Physical monsters. With the shield, your darkness swarm will not be interupted and a full Darkness swarm usually clear all the monsters around you, a Crusader is good, because they can hold the agression of monsters on them, and while he is tanking, you can cast your Darkness swarm without being hit, which means, FAST KILL!!

    level 1-25 when you are grinding alone, just get lots of potion and use them, Potions are extremely useful during low level^^ Remember no matter what happens Always have your Black shield on.

    from level 50-60 there is very limited quest!, the best grind spot i think for Mages are the Nova lilitus in Carmo's Felling Area when you are level 50-52

    and 52- 60 the best monsters to grind on is the Butos at Alter of Sarar , just get yourself a spot with atleast 2 spawns, and keep killing those 2 SOLO not in any party, kill both spawn and rest. Repeat this process, you will realise you will get lots of $$ because you got ample rest and won't end up dying and wasting money on repair. ^_^

    Alright, Now the Pve Build A.K A Grind build.

    First and for most, Max your Black shield, Lots of tanking yo~

    2nd: Max your Darkness Swarm.

    3rd : Max your Lightning Lance(just to kill those remaining monster with little HP after your swarm got interupted)

    4th: Max your Chaos Blaze(iF your Swarm got interupted just use this.)

    5th: Max your Chaos Inferno(work like Lightning Lance)

    6th : level 3 Sleeping Haze(Just enough for you to cast Darkness Fall/ Or wait for your Darkness Swarm because it got interupted)

    7th: atleast level 1 Darkness Fall

    8th: Have some Erode, when your HP is low.

    9th:Eclater will help too~ cast your Eclater before anything.

    10th: Mass Teleport, Atleast have 1 point save it at your spot so you can come back fast ^^

    Alright to be Frank, i seriously think you might not have enough skill points for ALL these, Eclater is not a Must, and you can choose not to max Lightning lance too^^ but Darkness Fall CANT be compromised! same goes for Black shield ^^

    5.Next How to Earn Gold Using Night magician!

    1st: Invest some! The better your Gears are, the faster you earn the gold!, a strong Night Magician can earn a million in a day or more if they got nothing better to do!

    First way: If you are not strong, join Lenfer Mine Hard/Elite with your friends, keep doing it and get equipments to sell, at the same time, hunt for some Abyss set item, Full abyss set gives you extra HP/MP which is Very GOOD~ enhance them to +6- +7 if you cant wait to be "strong" weapon wise, if you are below 50, get a level 48 Superior Staff with good stats and +7 it its pretty decent, you can use them until you get your Uniq set( eg. mana/lm2 )equipments. OR if you are active in Raids and Defence, earn some Honor! and get yourself the Honor set!! lv 50 Honor set is pretty Awesome! Big time player like Pyro/rebeL from Persia are using level 50 Honor equipement +10/+11 if you can make them +10/+11 you wouldn't have to change equipment untill level 60 ^^.

    While you are getting strong, get a party. A full party of crusader/priest/DG/SNPER/WARR + you NM. Go watch Youtube(search for Zantorial Hell) <apply for level 50 and above) DO it when your party! make your crus strong and do all dungeon together , and FRIENDS FOREVER~

    Until you got your unique equipment, if you are on Honor set with good stats aand highly enhanced you can sell away those unique drop for GOLD~ Night magician's Mana Set always worth a high price!

    If you do not have a party, Keep grinding!! get equipments from the monsters and repair n NPC it! earn the money and make yourself stronger so you kill faster and earn FASTER!!!^_^

    6. PVP 1v1 build for Night Magician!

    Same thing Max your Black shield!

    2nd: Max your chaos flame

    3rd Max your chaos Inferno(Very important)

    4th Max your chaos blaze

    5th level 1 lightning lance

    6th level 1 dead link

    7th level 6 Hitch

    8th level 6 Erode

    9th level 3 Sleeping Haze

    10th level 1 Darkness Fall

    11th level 3 Hand Of darkness

    Alright these are the skills that will assist you BEST on 1v1 pvp build! you can change around the points if you want.^^

    7: PVP raid Skills needed.

    Same thing, Max your Black shield, you do not want to die before being able to do ANYTHING AT ALL IN A RAID!

    2nd: Max your Darkness Swarm(^^ honor honor~)

    3rd: Max your Chaos Blaze( at desporate times, RUN INTO THOSE ENEMY AND BAM!! slow them!! and kill some if you're lucky!)

    4th: you need atleast 4 Mass teleport because you want to save in every Devir ^^

    5th: Max your Darkness Falls.( HONOR HONOR!!)

    6th: level 3 sleeping haze (for you to save your Relic carrier when there is alot of enemy infront of you! Mount up Dash in and Sleep them!!!)Dont max it because all it takes is your Dual gunner friend to go in and AOE everyone they will wake up.=X

    7th if you are level 60 put a skill point to Deadly Sins, again its for honor xD

    That's about all for PVP raid, Please mind that with this build you will most likely die during 1v1 combat ^_^

    8: What is the Best Unique set equipment for Night Magician?!

    I would say it is no other than Ursula Hell's Mana Set! It Gives you LOTS of Mana and Mana Regeneration!

    Compared to Evg Lower Hell set (which is exactly the same other than it give you LOTS of HP instead of MP)

    Mana set is still better, because you do not want to have SO much HP and with that little bit of MP you have, once your MP is depleted Your hp will go down faster than you imagined!!

    Compared to Lenfer Mine 2 Set(The Ultimate Damage Set)

    Hmmm It's a very tough choice over this 2, if you want longer lasting Mage, take MANA if you want Nuke Mage take Lm2 thats all xD

    And if you are thinking about Abyss, Abyss is far off the chart. BUT Abyss is Rank D equipment, If you are tight in budget, get an Abyss and +11 it, you will still be stronger than those wearing Mana set/Lm2 set with just +5- +7 i really believe so.

    9.What skill you NEED to have for any dungeon including HELL dungeonS!

    1. You will need SLeep incase the monsters are too MUCH or when your priest got hit!
    2. You will need Meteor Just to Nuke when your tank is tanking his MAX amount of mobs, or when you feel its good because your tank is tanking maybe 10 monsters at once
    3. You will need Darkness Swarm (as long as there is more than 1 monster, everyone will expect the Night Magician to use this skill^_^)
    4. You will need Chaos Blaze(its also an AOE skill haha and do good dmg)
    5. You will need Chaos Flame( for Boss fight^^ Crits are good)
    6. You will need Chaos Inferno(For boss fights and also for saving the Priest if a single monster hit her, you can always stun it and give the priest a break)

    And some basic rule about Dungeon Night Magician Must Know!

    1. Do not attack any thing or buff your self before the Crusader Provoke (Provoke skill is a skill that you will see a Crusader Cast and there will be 2 red sword on top of the Monster's head forming an X sign)
    2. Always try to stay Max range, and and keep a look out for the Priest
    3. During Boss fight, wait for the Crusader to Provoke afew times before spamming your skills, as you are one of the Most deadly damage dealers in the game, you stand a high chance of getting the Boss away from the Crusader to yourself if you hit too early

    Yup thats all about Dungeons

    10. Alright this is the Last thing i can share with you for now.

    Have fun being a Night Magician! I personally was a Night magician in other Aika too! Its really fun being a Night Magician, I hope all of you fellow Night Magician will love being a Night Magician more after reading this thread!

    By the way, The above PVP/PVE stats given Please feel free to Mix them around and stack with one another! For example, you can actually be a PVP 1v1+ Pve Mage or PVP raid + PVE grind or PVP 1v1 + PVP raid Mage or even ALL 3!!

    Alright, the above guide is base on what i know about Night Magician, it's just for your reference.

    My english is definately NOT perfect, please forgive me if you spot any grammatical/spelling/vocab error.


    Thanks for reading

    its from MrGod of Persia only sharing XD actuallyhave permission!!

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    Re: sharin classguide for a CS/NM of AIKA

    Woah too long story ahah but useful!... thanks

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    Re: Classguide for a CS/NM of AIKA

    I am assuming CM is from Global or something. In EN there is no CM unless you play Rappelz which is also a Gpot game. If this is for WL, and the skills and name are just different my mistake.

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    Re: Classguide for a CS/NM of AIKA

    Yah its for AIKAGB...
    Chaos Sorcerer/ Night Magician thats called for Warlock/Arcanist There...
    if my Share post is kindly useful/helpful
    just Thankx

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