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    Accessories Cleric, WHICH TO CHOOSE?

    Set the Offender Contract - Is obtained inside Evgenia Lower Infernal mode. You need 3 bones Marquis and various materials to craft each accessory. You can only get a bone a day, so it takes 3 days for an accessory, that is, if you do them every day. Set Effect (3) adds some cure rate and Effect Set (4) adds a chance to remove a buff from the target. It is not so expensive if you are looking for an alternative until you can afford something else or until you reach 75.

    Joint Forest Green - Large amount of healing to low levels, expensive to obter.Plantas mutants to ring and earring, around Forest Ungor and Croshus Mutants for bracelet and necklace) on the Altar of Ascension.

    Set the Demon Hunter - Ideal for PvE purposes, but it is very expensive to obtain. Defense wins is mediocre, but gain 20% additional damage to demons in effect set (4) is quite nice, especially along with other bonus damage (See Part PvE at the end of this post). Dropped by Penzas Mighty Mutants (ring, earring) and Verits Mutants (Bracelet, Necklace) at the Tower of Giovanni.

    Set of Obsidian Guardian - Also known as accessories of Honor lvl 75. Excellent set for PvP. Increases resistance to Silence, Stun and Paralysis by 20%. For this set, you need Honor Points and Medal of Courage, and is bought in Basilan. Along with 4-5% resistance to Stun (crystals), you can get 70% Stun Resistance at lvl 75 due to Passive Skill!

    ]Set of flowers Pran-resistance and critical attacks double major from this set. Total of 32 points and 16 points Res crit resistance of the twin attacks, plus 1.5k HP and recovering HP / MP. However, this joint is very difficult to obtain and is not negotiable. Can be obtained through the quest [Repeat] Accessories Flowers Pran Captain Broski on Karena. He will ask you 15 flowers trampled. These are discarded from chief stages in the city of Antal-ya (stage 4, 7, 10).

    ]Set the Cat's Eye - Gives much resistance abnormal state and increase healing received. It has a very low chance to create a bubble, like the Templar with 4 hits can last 10 seconds .. Clerics are very focused on pvp, then this can help a lot. However, the chances of getting the buff is 2%. Drop from Boss Giants Karena.

    Chief of Emergency Accessories - This set can be obtained through the purchase of revenue outside of Mina Lenfer or Dungeon Boss can drop it in. Mine Lenfer Infernal (Lv75 requirement). Each enhancement increases of 3 and 272 critical Healing. The overall effect gives 3 critical of Healing and 272 also. Total 15 points of critical healing and 1360, even without the add's. Excellent assembly to cure. You can also post 193 healing crystals can be obtained from the crystals Ariela to further increase cure!

    As for mounts, I recommend Pauny the Rainbows (Healing +600) with 3 Crystals INTE. But feel free to use what you want.

    source:Clérigos Aika



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    em portugues: a conselho a o olhos de gato por que ele cria uma bolha de 4 hits que é top alem de dar resistencia a stun e clerigo precisa disso.

    em ingles:advise the cat's eyes because he creates a bubble that is top 4 hits besides giving resistance to stun and cleric need it

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