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    Post Cores of improvement 80-85

    If you have questions about what it does, what are the risks of using the cores, so please see this post Nuclei Enrichment 70-75. It contains a good introduction to the system enhancement.

    Now starting to level 80-85 Nuclei, I will clarify some doubts.

    What are the cores?

    They are the Blue Star: Honor equipment to lv.85
    and Red Star: Rare for Rare Weapons lv.80 and lv.85.

    Where can I get them?
    The cores are dropped into the 80-85 Portal of the Abyss dungeon boss monsters in each stage.

    What is the effect of the core on my machine?
    The effect is to increase the core's Blue DDA equipment in which it is used.Real example: The Staff of Twilight (lv.80) has the following blue adds:
    Magic attack increased by 243
    Intelligence increased to 30
    MaxHP increased by 1630

    To be improved, the DDA's rise to:
    Magic attack increased by 316
    Intelligence increased by 45
    MaxHP increased by 2120

    The effects of the combination [Effect 3, 4, 5, etc.] also be increased as the parts are improved.

    How do I use them?
    The use of 70-75 remains the same. Just click right inside the nucleus and the window will open for improvement.

    The default chance of success is 20%, but you can increase your chances by using extracts slots, like the image below.

    If the improvement fails, all items are destroyed except the Set / Weapon.
    In case of success or failure, refining will remain the same.


    -After upgrade, the ADDs green crystals disappear?

    -I could enhance an item successfully. Can I upgrade the same item again and further increase their ADDs?

    Source: Nosso Aika

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    good people will spend a lot of money to get improve..4 extratos for 1 little chance
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