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    Aika Classes

    Hi, Dwar and friends.

    Completion of Yizheng great guide and a contributor to all those who need to translate into other languages by google translator. Also, with the intention of helping new players and other players who have any doubts about the classes.

    A big hug for everyone.

    Aika Classes - Advantages and Disadvantages.

    Templar (The Honor of Aika)

    Class: Templar
    Profile: A lot of defense / Tank
    Gender: Female

    Templars are not only fighters who fight with swords and shields, but also with faith, and thus represent the honor of Aika, because I never act to tarnish the name of the Great Goddess with attitudes or inhuman cowards.

    Their faith allows them to use divine magic to heal his wounds and light blocking evil spells cast upon them, faith in the Goddess also makes these divine warriors never get tired of fighting, allowing his allies breathe a bit before returning to attack the enemies.

    This profession is very effective against undead, as the divine energy that surrounds the body of the fighters is a great weapon to eliminate these aberrations and easily turn them into dust, not allowing them back to life again.

    All this makes the Templar a profession that takes pride in being what they are, marching triumphantly in battle with the Great Goddess Aika in their minds, hearts and souls.

    The Templars are the "Tankers" the game, and will not share this position with anyone. His attack is the smallest among the classes, smaller even than the Cleric in the late-game, but it is compensated on defense.
    Indispensable for dungeons, and much requested it from level 48, always missing Templar.
    A major advantage of this class is that they are the best "carriers Relic" (players that carry the relics of nations), which can provide two-way Honor, Honor the game used to purchase items "ultimate" personal honor and having her name posted the temple of the nation.


    Advantages: Great defense, Fast attack speed.
    Disadvantages: Very little damage.

    Primary Attributes: Physical Strength, Defence
    Secondary Attributes: Constitution

    Warrior (The Clash of Aika)

    Class: Warrior
    Profile: Lots of Physical Strength
    Gender: Female

    The warriors, using their huge two-handed sword, representing Goddess Aika's fury, with his superhuman strength to throw in the middle of the battlefield without considering the consequences. They are attacking from close range and melee combat, but sometimes make use of skills that cause damage in certain amount of enemies in a certain area.

    The heavy armor of their profession but were designed to give freedom of movement for the Warriors, who need space to wield their swords.

    Such is his passion for battles, his cry of War looks more like the howl of a wolf, is able to let any enemy trembling with fear while encouraging his companions to move into the battle.

    Think twice before taking on these powerful machines of war, especially if they are in a state of fury that is when the Goddess Aika shows the real power within the body of warriors.

    Warrior is a middle class at all, has three buffs Party's great for both PVE, PVP much, every party needs a Warrior. His attributes and skills are all average level, 90% damage of your skills in the area.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    Advantages: Good defense, good skills and good stun AoEs;
    Disadvantages: Low resistance to magic attacks.

    Primary Attributes: Strength, Constitution
    Secondary Attributes: Attack

    Gunslinger (The Agility Aika)

    Class: Gunslinger
    Profile: A lot of agility / Damage
    Gender: Female

    The Gunslinger is always within the limits of their abilities, the adrenaline rushing through the body as he runs and shoots his enemies, not even pausing for breath, his incredible agility makes this is a dangerous class.

    Their guns can poison or paralyze anyone who stands in its way or is too inconsequential to challenge a gunman to a duel.

    In addition, the gunslinger can use their skills to further increase its speed and improve the damage of your weapons, making this class to mortal enemies trapped.

    On the battlefield she is a great ally to quickly eliminate any resistance, while other march to war, the gunman runs while distributing a hail of bullets.

    This class is strange, even level 49 was a laughingstock in the servers, unless they beat Sorcerer / shooter and had less range. But after 50 and build and correct items, if you're caught by surprise by this class, impossible to win, really after is uploaded to very strong for PvP. In PVE has a nice damage, hits more than Warrior dps is equal to the Sorcerer, but loses in DPS for the shooter. Besides having great buffs, is the fastest class of aika.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    Advantages: A lot of agility, attack speed and good damage.
    Disadvantages: low Defense, low HP, MP and spent Grande Very Expensive (Requires Bullets to attack).

    Primary Attributes: Attack
    Secondary Attributes: Agility

    Black Sorcerer (The essence of Aika)

    Class: Black Wizard
    Profile: Magical high damage / low defense
    Gender: Female

    The Wizard Black is a great scholar of magic and skillfully found ways to manipulate the magical essence that Goddess Aika released for human use and to fight enemies.

    Although physically weak, a Black Wizard is never an easy opponent, especially on the battlefield because his spells can affect whole areas, eliminating all those who dare challenge them.

    Sometimes even his power is too large to be controlled, and can cause harm to himself, such is the strength of the energy that controls this class, so it is always a good walk along the clerics or the Templars.

    Masters in this profession is to subjugate those weak-minded, easily leaving them paralyzed. On the battlefield, if all else fails, they can use their magic Teleport and remove all allies fighting to regroup in safety elsewhere.

    Wizard is one of my favorites. Have the possibility to create several different builds, focusing on PVP or PVE, single injury or damage in the area ... at the "levelup" is not as effective as some classes in PvP, but after gaining stability in the level 50 becomes a monster in the wars. A strong advantage is that the majority of pro-Yankees players, the Wizard is considered the best class to Lord Marshall, for using up the best combo buff your damage and hp / mp its ManaShield.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    Advantages: High magic damage
    Disadvantages: Low Defense

    Primary Attributes: Magic Defense, Intelligence
    Secondary Attributes: Luck

    Shooter (Concentration of Aika)

    Class: Sniper
    Profile: Long Range Damage
    Gender: Female

    Precision, stealth, marksmanship and coolness, these are the basic qualities for anyone who wants to be a shooter, also known as the concentration of Aika, because nothing undermines this class once it has begun to fight.

    Armed with patience and determination, this class does not rush to eliminate their enemies, they lurk in the shadows waiting for the right moment to shoot, and usually, they need only one shot to complete the "work".

    At more advanced levels, this class has the ability to fire shots that affect entire areas as well as with the power to build towers firing automatic, making the enemies have no idea where the atiraor is hiding.

    On the battlefield, the sniper is someone who removes the enemy without exposing its position, eliminating entire rows of weak enemies before they knew what hit them.

    Gunmen enshrined with the greatest damage of aika, surely kills far. But if it is caught by more than one player gets in trouble, only skill that protects you is to stay invisible (high cooldown). Great for PvE, being able to generally give us hitkill mobs on your level if you have a good rifle. The biggest drawback is that this class is very concerned and usually there are many shooters, reducing the demand by the class in dungeons, including snipers is not considered essential for a class dungeon, because there are other dps classes.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    Advantages: very high Damage and Invisibility.
    Cons: Low defense, high consumption and high cost of MP (requires candy to perform the attack).

    Primary Attributes: Agility
    Secondary Attributes: Attack

    Cleric (Compassion for Aika)

    Class: Cleric
    Profile: Support / Healing / Buffe
    Gender: Female

    Clerics representing the Goddess Aika compassion for humans, when she in all her kindness saved the human race raising them on an island in the sky.

    Those who underestimate the feeling that they are weak clergyman for his short stature and lack of physical strength, may not survive to repent it. This class is specialized in healing, increase the attributes of its allies, capable of absorbing large amounts of damage and even resurrecting their fallen comrades in battle.

    His powers can still cancel magical effects on your enemies, removing any bonuses that they have achieved with magic and even punish them for trying to cast spells on themselves. The cleric is also of great help against undead and demons.

    Although it may seem young and inexperienced, Clerics are not afraid to enter the battlefield to help its partners and rid the world from evil forces, always asking for his blessing to the Goddess Aika.

    In pvp is not about killing, but who is the holder of the pros who kill, this is fundamental. Cleric has no PVP, PVE has not, has no arena, castle siege, nothing. Further into the dungeons where aika has a high difficulty, having to be made with two clerics, it increases its importance.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    Advantages: Healing Powerful, great for group buffs and ability to Resurrect the group members.
    Disadvantages: Low attack and defense average.

    Primary Attributes: Magic Attack, Intelligence
    Secondary Attributes: Defense Magic, Luck

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