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    Rare Weapons Lv.85

    Since the beginning of the game, we had (still have!) Several Rare Weapons:
    Inheritance of the Forest (lv.55), Lost Inheritance (lv.65)
    Weapons Cave Lycan (lv.75).

    In EPIC 3, with the level 85, also arrive Unique Weapons that level.
    In order to know more about it, I researched for a few days and the Game Forum Aika U.S.
    claaaro and gather information that I got very good about it!

    The Recipe:
    Such weapons prior to the lv.85 also need to be made through revenue. The difference is that these recipes can be bought.
    On the map of the EPIC 3, near the entrance Dungeon "Abyss Gate" is a Merchant NPC responsible for the sale.
    The currency exchange shop is the "Abyss Mithril Coin" (Mithril Coin of the Abyss).
    A coin is dropped into the Abyss Dungeon Gate.

    The recipe consists of 3 items. Two of them are sold in the same shop.
    1 - Abyss Blade necessary revenue Warrior and Templar
    2 - Abyss Barrel Shooter needed revenue and holster
    3 - Abyss Wood, needed revenue Sorcerer and Cleric

    4 - Harmonized Evil Force, necessary for all recipes
    5 - Recipes

    The item that "lack" is the Wiggly Evil Force that is caught just inside the calabouço.Também is used in all recipes

    • The Killer weapon gives +4 849 of Physical Damage.
    • The weapon gives +11 1487 Guardian of Physical Damage.
    • The Destroyer weapon gives +7 to Magic Damage 1246
    • The weapon +7 Restorer of 1055 gives Magic Damage




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    Already indexed in astrobunny, for the Aika NA version:

    Recipe (Warrior 85 Unique):

    DIY: Dominator
    Ingredient Name Quantity
    Abyss Blade 10
    Wiggly Evil Force 100
    Harmonized Evil Force 1

    Cost of Upgrade: 299,920
    Level Required: 85
    Rank: AA
    Physical Attack: 652

    Green stats:
    Increase 57 strength
    Increase critical attack by 8
    Increase 8 critical damage

    +11 stat = 1710 patk



    Links to other classes:

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