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    Thumbs up Rare 80, Which one to choose? (Crusader)

    PGC Hello, I know many players who play with Crusader doubt which are rare 80 singles, so I made this post in order to help, so let's go!



    Armageddon, and very good for templaria, double the rate of the set of (8 double in effect 3), besides almenta 210 of his physical attack, the effect of set 6 almenta physical attack in 3000 and in 50 critical for 6 seconds.The set also of 2170 hp and constitution increased by 90.


    Despite the very double physical attack, not the set of critical, and very bad for this effect 6 crusader.O set and excellent,, anger almenta much his attack, however only lasts 6 seconds, being very ineffective in PVP.

    * Twilight:


    In my opinion this rare and the best 80 for crusader, he's the same hp and constitution of the previous set, he put in 10 almenta the critical points and critical damage by 25%, the effect of the set and 6 excellent, almenta drilling physically by 40% for 6 seconds.


    Despite being very good, the set does not increase the physical attack and not a double, it was only their disadvantage.



    This famous and set "pve", because most PvE?, The set of the 1344 defense almenta and physical healing for 30%, and the effect 6 set almenta your physical and magical defense by 12 thousand for 8 seconds.


    Despite the very physical defense, this set makes itself ineficax in pvp, not because of any kind of critical, double or physical attack, so one of the worst sets for PvP, however excellent in PvE.



    * The set dawn, and very good, because it increases the critical resistance at 25, and the critical damage decreases by 30%, the effect 6 of the 3000 attack and physical almenta the critical 50 per 8 seconds.


    It's not any kind of physical attack (unless the effect 6), and also not the critical, and much like the set golden.

    Which do you choose?:

    I can not set and this speaks better than this, this varies muitodo your use of the set, however you remember:

    Armageddon = Double Attack
    Dawn = Resist critical
    Twilight = Attack critical drilling and physical
    Life = Defense.

    Choose well your set takes into account its use, not only because they use all use that.

    Si is possible to acknowledge the post, it will help me a lot, until the next!.

    Source: Database Aika ,Aika Play,Google,Nosso aika

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    In my view the effects of Armageddon is more Suitable for Crusader, Poorque effects it is of great help in time It is Pvp Tip ae
    - More ai vai vai because the player also greatly depend on the way you play, if you want more defense, more than criticize and etc.
    Try to find one that fits your style of play is already was

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