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    Aika Online speak (Guide to Aika's Lingo)

    Ever wonder what all that random nonsense in shout means? Well, its doubleplusgood actually--we'll refer to it as Aika-Speak.
    Aika-Speak Translation
    • *C/O - Current Offer
    • *WTA - Want to Auction
    • AH - Auction House
    • althe - Altheius
    • B> - Buying
    • Cabin - Marauder Cabin
    • CC - Crowd-Control, usually refer to disables
    • CS - Castle Siege
    • DD - Same as DPS
    • DG - Dual Gunner
    • DPS - Any Damage-dealing class (Rifleman, Dual Gunner, Warrior, Warlock etc)
    • feo - Feonir
    • Hold - Marauder Hold
    • honor farmer - A party/players that are killing players for honor point in a nation.
    • hopeful - White Lion Hopefuls (dungeon mobs scattered around the normal Lost Mines map, needed for some quests)
    • judge - White Lion Judges (dungeon mobs scattered around the normal Lost Mines map, needed for some quests)
    • len - Lenaria
    • LF - Looking For...
    • LFG - Looking For Group
    • LFM - Looking for Member/Filler
    • LFP - Looking For Party (Same as above)
    • LM - Lost Mines
    • LME - Lost Mines Elite
    • LMH - Lost Mines Hard
    • LMN - Lost Mines Normal (LM usually refers to the map, not the dungeon)
    • LMW - Lost Mines West
    • osty - Ostyrion
    • Pally - Paladin
    • rb - Rebuff
    • rift - Center of Rhawn Crossroads
    • RM - Rifle Man
    • S> - Selling
    • T> - Trading
    • tab - Tabazra Desert
    • tab choke - Tabazra Desert Choke Point (the intersection between Rhawn and Tabazra with guards, etc.)
    • War - Warrior
    • WL - Warlock
    • WR - Warrior
    • WTB - Want to Buy
    • WTS - Want to Sell
    • WTT - Want to Trade
    • Zant - Zantorian Citadel

    by Jaico
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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    re: Aika Online speak (Guide to Aika's Lingo)

    This is for NA , BR only i think

    this is some lingo for global

    EVG = Evgenia
    Sigmund = Sigmund Desert
    Sig Choke = Sigmund Choke
    UH = Ursula Hell
    i may not be that PRO
    but soon i will BE..

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