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    Doubts about Aid Almighty

    The Powerful Aid is cumulative?
    Yes, it is, if you purchase two aid will have all the benefits for 60 days, and so on.

    How long are the potions?
    The potions will last as long as your help, if you have 30 days of assistance, for example, the potions will last 30 days.

    The NPC will always be there, even after aid my end?
    Yes, it will be there, but if you do not have the help, you can not access it.

    This is a measure to balance the economics?
    On the one hand yes, it will give a new stimulus to acquire cash, which will be a reduced price over time, the NPC will give gold in exchange for great benefits, which will help to remove some more gold in the game, and while it will help in dgs, ups and farms.

    The EXP bonus accumulates with the server, double exp and relics of cash?

    Should I buy a mount during the period that I have the help, after spending 30 days she desparecerá?

    The items that were not used during the Aid will disappear after 30 days?

    You can use the 3 potions premium once?

    The Powerful Aid works for all characters in the account?
    Yes, it works for everyone.


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