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    Using a debugger - OllyDbg

    Using a debugger - OllyDbg

    well personally I do not have much knowledge in progamacao and I'm learning in my search I found some tutorial for using OllyDbg
    as I have no intention of posting hows and such was my tutorials
    I'll be posting links that only in Portuguese but can be easily translated

    "If this is to the rules of the community weight that delete the topic"

    Utilizando um debugger - OllyDbg

    bem pessoal eu nao tenho muito conhecimento em progamacao e estou aprendendo na minha procura encontrei alguns tutorial para usar o OllyDbg
    como nao tenho intencao de postar comos e fosse meus tais tutoriais
    estarei postando apenas os links esta em portugues mas pode ser facilmente traduzido

    "Se isto for conta as regras da comunidade peso que apague o topico"

    Using a debugger - OllyDbg

    Utilizando um debugger - OllyDbg - FórumGdH


    Engenharia Reversa

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    I think it is against the rules

    No advertising of any kind is allowed.
    This includes links outside the domain that are included in pictures as watermarks, domains in signatures, email links, referrals, top lists, web hosting, affiliations, and sites that require registration, subscription and/or a fee to access

    This includes links within posts that links to a third party in order to gain access to the content.
    No advertising of any kind is allowed. Instead, you do have the option to post your site in a manner that is acceptable.

    these are the rules , but if you bring the post to here that's no problem i guess

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