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    Smile Lionsheart - Aika Sea

    How it works?
    To become a member of Lionheart you need to put 300,000 cash each month
    By purchasing 300,000 cash in the account, your character goes to stay with the four letters of Aika running around him, as the image below:

    achieve the target, you get some gifts (ALL BELOW):

    1000 HP Potions - restores 1000 -
    1000 MP Potions - restores 1000 -
    1 Gold Coins = 100k gold
    Use the right mouse button and get 95k (5% tax)
    10 Potions of Destruction - 3 hours
    [Increase HP / MP, Attack PHY / MAG.]
    10 Potions of Defense - 3 HOURS
    [Increases Defense PHY / MAG and the Double Honor]
    5 Hira A
    5 Enriched Extracts of Hira A
    5 Kaize A
    5 Extracts from Enriched Kaize A

    i took from aikasea and nossoaika.


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