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    AikaSEA byPass GG 2012-1-19

    Hi, this is just my two cent after being able to bypass aikasea,. Some friends in here ask me in pm, but im lack of post to reply to you guys, so I will try to help by posting this one.

    As simple as Tutorial from Fennes on Disable Game Protection on Fly

    Until Step;
    Press ALT + M and Set Memory Breakpoint On Access ( View The Image Below )

    Up until Part II (same goes);

    The different is
    In SEA After you click on "GameGuard Error"

    Right Click on This Call, And Select Binary >> Fill With Nops

    And Right Click JE SHORT 004xxxxxx Assmble And Change To JMP SHORT 004xxxxxx

    After That Scroll Up a Bit Until You Find
    ASCII “98”
    ASCII “NT”
    Right Click on This Call, And Select Binary >> Fill With Nops

    Right Click JNZ SHORT 004xxxxxx Assmble And Change To JMP SHORT 004xxxxxx

    Press CTRL + A, Olly Will Analysis

    Part II Disable Nprotect on The Fly Complete.

    Final Part :

    Remove All Used Breakpoint

    Right Click On Main Olly, Select Breakpoint and Remove Breakpoint On Memory
    GameGuard has Been Disable, Now Just Press F9 To Run The Program.
    If Got Error (Here what happen once I run it);

    Press Shift+F9 then it will run ingame.

    Thank you for the great tutorial, and this is for sea who wish to bypass gg.

    Incase for prolong the availability, I dont mind mod to delete or hide this from SEA staff who browsing this forum ^^.

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    why i cant find " 030239FF 6A 0C PUSH 0C " ?

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