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    Karena dungeons, mutants & equip coring!

    Spiral Road Dungeon!

    After the battle ended in Prison Despero, Farel fled to Spiral Road to plot the downfall of humans.
    The council general sent some men to explore the road but never returned.

    It is now up to the Elters to save the day!

    Structure of Spiral road brings you down to the basement in circular manner.
    There are total of 4 areas and each area is divided by a steel door.
    When boss monsters of each area is killed, the steel door disappears and allow Elters to go to the next area.

    Now that we have completed the most important feature of Karena, let's move on to the rest.

    Level Cap is raised to 80 and each Character will have 1 new skill at level 79!

    New instance dungeon - Ariela!
    Ariela is an Open Instance Dungeon that consist of nine small island of the sky.
    Anyone level 61 and above can enter this dungeon.

    The final boss in Ariela Dungeon is Warkeni, Farel's lieutenant.

    This dungeon has 2 routes that shares same starting and ending point.
    Players can choose their preferred route from the 2 available routes.
    When all the specific monsters are killed, players are allowed to move to the next island.

    There are special plants in each island.
    Plants givespecial effects to players.
    These effects help players to clear the Instance Dungeon easier.

    Rewards of the dungeon
    - Rank A Magical Crystals

    There are wild mutant beasts lurking around in Karena!
    They give high EXP and drop rare accessories.

    Finally, we have the Gear Core System!

    Gear Core System is used to upgrade gears to higher abilities.
    This system leads to upgraded new gear while keeping the other options
    (changing, level down, enhancement level, magic added level, and durability option) unchanged.

    Eg. 10 Str, 10 Dex, 10 Int upgraded to 30 Str, 30 Dex, 30 Int

    There are 4 types of Gear Core System for different type of items.

    Gear Cores are said to be only obtainable by challenging the Spiral Road Dungeon.

    Basic success rate is 20%.
    By adding Extracts or Concentrates with the upgrade, Elters can increase the success rate to the maximum of 100%.
    If upgrade fails, only Extracts and Core Gear are consumed.

    Items upgraded with Core System can't receive original set item effects.
    However, these items can receive greater set effects when they are used together with other upgraded (using Core System) items.

    I did not write any of this. All credits goes to Aika SEA facebook page and whoever wrote it in their team.

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    Accessories for this seven muinto difisil are to be dropped??

    este sete de acesorios sao muinto difisil de ser dropados????

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    Tutorial well explained, there is a lot of detail, will be very useful for all, since the phase is Aika Island Karena ^ ^

    Tutorial bem explicado, tem bastantes detalhes ai, será muito útil para todos, já que o Aika está na fase da Ilha de Karena ^^

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