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    Aika Dungeon - Ariela

    Discover Ariel and get tips about the new dungeon!
    Minimum level: 61.

    A special feature of this map is that you can choose two different paths, the Path A and Path B.

    Path A: Heads have more defense but its attack is reduced.
    Path B: Heads have more attack, but his defense is reduced.

    To enter the dungeon, you need to get the waxes. The scheme is the same as the previous Dungeons: 3 different waxes, each for a different level (Normal / Hard / Elite).

    Once inside the dungeon, you will find the mobs below. They have no special ability. Just defeat them and move on.

    Linike soldiers defeated the Tribe? Now choose your path.
    A or B

    Continuing, the next step you will find two different mobs.

    The Vine Whip has that debuff well known in the Garden of Mirza, who leaves on a black char, preventing it from moving / attacking. This debuff does not take HP.

    Another thing to obsevada Flowers are Ariella. There are 03 of them in the dungeon. Each one gives a special buff that will help you in the dungeon.

    Once you've defeated the monsters, go to the next room.

    Here you will find two types of monsters: the fragment and Boss Mega-Gor.

    Speaking of which, there is the Mega-Gorr. It has some small debuff, especially one that paralyzes you.
    Here you find the second Flower. It will help against the Chief.

    Once defeated, recover your HP / MP, skills and move on.

    The Planters Tatana / Euri
    are walking through that room. I advise to get one at a time.

    Like Bloody Witches Garden Mirza, they have both the ability to heal
    buff on the "hit me that I heal myself."
    When this buff is activated, a green barrier around the Tatana will then stop attacking ALL!

    Here there are also many Tatana Metallic, which will appear to slow you down.

    There's no point cutting corners to get to the teleport and stop killing the Tatana.
    To activate the teleport you must clear the room.

    The third and final Flower.

    This is the penultimate room. There are 03 types of mobs, starting with the following:
    They have a much lower attack and are easy to defeat.

    You will see a cluster of Saramegus this part of the room.
    Go picking up some, but not all.
    Beware, as the Chief Saramegu King is right behind them.

    The battle against the King Saramegu be a little longer compared to previous bosses.
    You will need to defeat him three times.
    1st time: Saramegu decrease in size. Increases Attack, Defense decreases.
    2nd time: Saramegu decrease in size again. Increases Attack, Defense decreases.
    3rd time: the chief was defeated.

    We come now in the latter part of the dungeon.

    Here you find the first set of three mobs:
    Protector, Priest, Assassin

    Patrons and Assassins have debuff from paralysis.

    The priest has a buff that heals your HP.

    You'll also find some of Tera. He has some debuff, but what stands out is the stun.
    But that has low duração.Por stun order, you will come to the home of Warken, the last Head of Ariela.

    There is no secret. Just click on the statue will start and kinematics.

    The level of force that Chief does not compare to others.
    It has several powerful attacks and will not be sorry to dump them on you.

    Highlights, there are 3 debuff that will considerably complicate its HP.

    Drops of for now were sets / weapons lv72 normal. Manufacturing items such as leather, fabrics, vaizan, etc.. Quest items are not contacts here.

    What is expected: Hira / Kaizer-A-, and nuclei Blue, Red, Purple, Orange.

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