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    Levelling guide

    Level 1 - 10
    Must be Citizen
    Must have Pran

    From level 1 you can have "Level Rewards Box" on your inventory, open it and you will receive a free equipment set that you can use up to level 65.
    also you will receive this 2 items that will help boost your experience by killing monster and by submitting quest.

    then go back to regenshein to the left side of portal dimensional (to zantorian/cirrugor portal) you can see this NPC

    Level 10 - 30
    Once you are in Discorea, open your map, you can see a main quest icon (red exclamation), and get his quest

    open your inventory then use one portal scroll and transfer to the "Land of Wailing"

    once you are in "LOW" you can submit your quest to commander shefford O' Brian but make sure your "Badge of Adventurer" is active

    now you are done and you will see that your level is jump from level 10 to level 30

    Level 30-50
    after level 30 go back to regenshein and find someone to help you quest in Discorea and if someone helped you it only takes 30mins-1hr
    or less maybe to reached level 50.

    if no one help you, then you can continue taking quest and in every hour you can join to "ATC"

    its free in Aika EN, but in Aika BR you need some ticket that cost around 50 Aika talents
    every success ATC you can get rewards like box, certificate and medals:
    Box has random item inside(reinforcement materials, HP/MP potions, baits)
    Certificate gives you Experience (21-40 100% exp, 41-50 100% exp, 51-60 100% exp, 61-70 50% exp, and 71-80 50%exp)
    Medals can exchange to (level 75 honor set, Medal of Courage, HP and MP potions).

    Level 51 - up
    you can continue find someone to help you to take quest in Discorea to reach level 65
    once you reach level 65 you can get another set of equipment that will help you grinding in dungeons like LME.
    continue attend ATC until you reach level 81

    Level 81 - 99
    end of ATC, but don't worry this is not the end, once you reach this level I recommend you to join Aitan Arena which open
    7 times daily here you can get "Arena Onyx" once you or your team wins. Arena Onyx gives 1% exp.
    Not enough? then exchange your Aika talents to talent merchant "Ronnir" in Regenshein, you can exchanged it exp items.

    Good Luck

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