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    Post Special Sacred Ago

    Jeran at 1 to Birr
    1) has been added to Birr [jeran at Birr to] the New Forest to the southwest at jeran.

    Region Name: Southwestern Jeran at Forest
    To Birr Name: Jeran updated to Birr

    2) jeran at Birr to view


    3) Only specially crafted relics are enshrined in a novel can be used at Birr jeran.

    2: Special sacred ago

    Back to the holy eopgo 1) all that, with a special power that can return all continents eyika
    And appeared, went to climb on top of each country between the holy place by the
    Called before a special holy war.

    2) Step-by-step process flow before special holy


    3) Process Flow Description

    ① Different ways and is enshrined relics of the original, depending on the day and time specified by country special
    is the holy jeran updated automatically placed to the Birr.
    ② When placed in a particular country is sacred, and output a notification message to all countries at the same time,
    start [grace period] is a country that is enshrined.
    The only time that you can seize the special holy in all countries ③ [grace period] is.
    The ④ [grace period] is 30 minutes.
    All that is enshrined in the country and settle for that special holy ⑤ [grace period] countries
    will lose the effect of the state to 0% buff.
    If you endured a 30-minute [grace period] to hold a special holy ⑥ anchihan the exits [grace period] is.
    ⑦ When the exit time of grace] is folded deulmyeo [stabilization time], more than deodorant special holy is
    If the rush to ⑧ [stabilization time] is triggered, the effect of which has a special sacred.

    - All countries buff its stats up
    - Attack and defense against other countries increased

    And 6 hours, apply special effects will be 6 hours ⑨ [stabilization time] is. In addition, the sacred
    is also a time that can not be recaptured.
    6 ⑩ [stabilization time - this time after a special holy is automatically destroyed and the influence of special sacred
    return to the previous stats batdeon are all effective.
    ※ [grace period] illustrate progress
    - But the grace time is 30 minutes, the time that is placed on special holy Birr each country to
    calculate a cumulative manner, the following are examples of this.
    - Ex
    A special national relics enshrined ① in
    10 minutes <20 minutes remaining deferred> in this holy ② special status enshrined in country A
    and then placed in a specially sacred to Birr its deodorization in country B since ③
    ④ special holy is the B state enshrined in state 15 minutes elapsed <remaining grace time of 15 minutes>
    after ⑤ enshrined in the country A to country back to Birr sacred and special deodorizing
    start counting again from grace 20 minutes remaining in the existing A country ⑥
    ⑦ A specialty in the country Relic enshrined in the state is 20 minutes <grace timeout>
    ⑧ A grace period of 30 minutes in the country've accumulated all this time, because grace is terminated,
    the transition to stabilization time.

    Three types of special effects, and the sacred
    1) The loss is 0% all buff effect of the host country for all special holy time of grace.
    When two) times out and enters grace as stabilization time, the effects will be applied according to each specific sacred.
    3) The types of sacred and special effects

    ① Valiant: brave [勇猛]

    ② Oh Crew: Harsh [苛酷]

    04 Special Features of Dangerous ago
    ※ kinds of features
    Is automatically placed in a special holy is to Birr: automatically placed.
    Grace time: loss / special holy deodorant available in all countries in the buff effect of its 0%
    Stabilization time: apply / not special effects special holy sacred deodorizing
    1) Auto-Settle

    Are placed automatically according to a predetermined sacred by country ① day and time is automatically placed,
    a new system.
    ② Monday to Sunday will be placed automatically at the specified time has special holy
    equal number of each country is enshrined in ③, in certain periods The change order is placed in accordance
    sacred ④ If progress is enshrined, the notification message is output to all countries
    2) grace time
    ① What is the grace time, 0% of the country all the buff effect is enshrined relics are special
    and loss, says the time of the state as a special holy deodorant.
    ② 30 minutes grace time for
    a special time of grace on to Birr ③ Calculate a cumulative manner enshrined sacred time
    when the loss is 0% all the time in that country applying grace ④ National buff effect
    can ppaetgo ppaetgil during the holy grace time ⑤
    When the cumulative 30 minutes while the ⑥ enshrined grace time ends, all countries reminder
    message output will
    be switched to the [stabilization time - the end state of grace time ⑦
    3) Settling Time
    ① stabilization time is, and apply special effects sacred, safe ppaetgo ppaetgil the sacred can not
    say the time of the state.
    ② The settling time is 6 hours
    in all countries at the output settling time applied ③ notified.
    ④ stabilization Special effects are applied with each sacred hour when applied.
    stabilization time ⑤ At the end of this special holy is to be destroyed immediately in Birr
    Birr is destroyed in this special holy ⑥ prior to any effect Upon my holy is the impact of the special
    abilities return to.

    All five special sacred than the rule
    1) Dangerous upgrade
    is not possible to upgrade ① special holy is holy.
    2) Links to Birr
    ① jeran at Debbie flowing to link the effect does not apply to Birr
    3) The Guardian stone guards and
    more guards are very powerful to the existing Birr ①
    ② Defense Guardian Stone is also very powerful than the existing
    4) Powers selection
    does not apply to the Special Powers Selected ① is sacred ago
    05) That applies to any one possessing a sacred character


    <Special sacred character obtained when effects>
    You can not carry more than one character is holy ①.
    ② limits the use of some specific skills and items. while you are in possession of a holy
    and ③ the limit will drop to the floor during skill use, or sacred character is killed.

    Returns 6) Dangerous

    If you are not enshrined in Birr country or to another country for a period of at any time in the holy deodorant ① Phylactery Birr to return to the previous release of the sacred are kept.
    ② If the death has been the holy user will drop to the field
    ③ If you drop the field to be preserved as sacred is to be returned after a certain time, first to Birr
    Of countries with 07) the holy benefit
    applies to all citizens of the country that has enshrined relics ① The effect
    ② according to the grace time, settling time in the same state all the citizens of the country effect
    equally traditional and ③ You can see when you click the button on the World Map Birr (shortcut U)


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