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    Post Sets of equipment with Nuclei

    Three Types of Rare Nuclei Enhancements Level 90.
    • There are 3 types of gear core level 90 and the equipment will have different characteristics depending on which core enhancement is used in equipment:
    1. Red core enhancement Mistico: Critical Enchantment
    2. Core Bright Red improvement: Enchant Attack / Skill
    3. Red core enhancement Ruined: Enchant Defense / Resistance
    How to acquire new Centers of Enrichment:
    • You can get them by killing the Boss Dungeon Cauchemar: Morrventra.
    How to apply Nuclei Enhancement?:
    • Note: When you upgrade your hardware with the core enhancement has a chance to succeed or fail. Using extracts will increase the chances of success.
    Sets of equipment with Nuclei
    • Red Nucleus Enhancement Mystic

    • Bright Red Nucleus Enhancement

    • Red Nucleus Enhancement Ruined

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