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    Post Dungeon Cauchemar

    Info Dungeon:
    • Intensely difficult dungeon when you need at least 6 members of the group to enter.
    • You can enter the dungeon through the portal Cauchemar La Conti, Hestia.
    Requirements Dungeon:
    • Minimum group members to enter: 6.
    • Level to enter: Lv. 86 ~ 90.
    • Recommended Level: Lv. 90
    • Waiting time to go again: Once a week (resets all maintenance other)

    Chief Dungeon: Morrventra
    • A powerful boss of the dungeon with extremely deadly attacks and skills.
    • Uses lethal poisons and invokes monsters (Mucus) that use poisons vicious attacks.
    • Morrventra increases its power over time, then delete it fast!

    Nuclei of the Rare Enhancements Level 90

    PvP Accessories Morrventra

    PvP accessories Morrventra (Stronger)

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