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    Mass effect 3 Gibbed Save Editor

    While this save editor has been discussed on the Bioware forums, there's no need to go into too much detail. However, since this forum does not have a topic on this save editor, I thought that I should post one.

    -Can add or remove weapons and weapon mods to your arsenal
    -Can set the level of your weapons and mods (I-X for weapons and I-V for weapon mods)
    -Can add any # of any available weapon mod to any weapon (i have an assault rifle and i put shotgun mods on it and there is no limit to how many mods i can put on it)
    -Can edit your character's current weapon loadout from the last save as long as level, class, skill points, squad stats, and powers available to use (only adding bonus powers will work)
    -Can edit ingame quests, and even storyline position
    -Can edit a custom face Shepard
    -Edit the plot of what happened in the current and past games
    -Start from scratch (create your own custom ME3 profile)

    How to add weapons:
    (You need to have the weapon dlc to add a certain weapon. Bioware has patched the game to prevent people from adding weapons via the multiplayer dlc so they can get the weapons in single player for free)

    When you open up the save editor go to the RAW tab on it, and then go to Plot, and edit the Player Variables collection.
    There you can add weapons and weapon mods and check out the ones you already have and modify their levels. Hit add and type the following to add a weapon (you can't add heavy weapons but you can put them on when you edit your loadout) After adding a particular weapon set the value from 1-10 to set it's rank (or 1-5 for weapon mods) and add the item again but with ".Flags" at the end and set the value to 1. For example:
    Name: SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Reckoning
    Value: (1~10)

    add again:
    Name: SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Reckoning.Fl ags
    Value: 1

    The following is a list of all weapons (including heavy) and mods (minus the dlc ones)

    Assault Rifles:
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Reckoning = Chakram Launcher (reward for playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo)
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Mattock = M96-Mattock
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Vindicator = M15-Vindicator
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Saber = M-99 Saber
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Avenger = M-8 Avenger
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Revenant = M-76 Revenant
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Cobra = Phaeston
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Valkyrie = N7-Valkyrie
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Argus = M-55 Argus
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Geth = Geth Plasma Rifle
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Collector = Collector Assault Rifle

    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Pistol_Predator = M-3 Predator
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Pistol_Thor = Arc Pistol
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Pistol_Carnifex = M-6 Carnifex
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Pistol_Ivory = M-77 Paladin
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Pistol_Eagle = N7-Eagle
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Pistol_Talon = M358 Talon
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Pistol_Scorpion = Scorpion
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Pistol_Phalanx = M-5 Phalanx

    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Katana = M-23 Katana
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Eviscerator = M-22 Eviscerator
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Scimitar = M-27 Scimitar
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Claymore = M-300 Claymore
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Geth = Geth Plasma Shotgun
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Disciple = Disciple
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Graal = Graal Sprike Thrower
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Striker = M-11 Wraith
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Crusader = N7-Crusader
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Shotgun_Raider = AT12-Raider

    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SMG_Shuriken = M-4 Shuriken
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SMG_Tempest = M-9 Tempest
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SMG_Locust = M-12 Locust
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SMG_Hornet = M-25 Hornet
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SMG_Hurricane = N7-Hurricane

    Sniper Rifles:
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_Mantis = M-92 Mantis
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_Viper = M-97 Viper
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_Raptor = M-13 Raptor
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_Incisor = M-29 Incisor
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_Indra = M-90 Indra
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_Widow = M-98 Widow
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_Valiant = N7-Valiant
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_BlackWidow = Black Widow
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle_Javelin = Javelin

    Heavy Weapons:
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_Blackstar = Reaper Blackstar
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_Cain = M-920 Cain
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_ArcProjector = Cerberus Arc Projector
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_Avalanche = Avalanche
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_FlameThrower_Player = Firestorm
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_GrenadeLauncher = Grenade Launcher
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_MiniGun = Geth Spitfire
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_MissileLauncher = Missile Launcher
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_ParticleBeam = Collector Particle Beam
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_RocketLauncher = Cobra Rocket Launcher
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_Heavy_TitanMissileLaunche r = Hydra Missle Launcher

    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SMGDamage = SMG High Calliber Barrel
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SMGConstraintDamage = SMG Heat Sink
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SMGStability = Ultra Light Materials
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SMGMagSize = SMG Extended Clips
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SMGAccuracy = SMG Scope

    Assault Rifle:
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_AssaultRifleStability = Stability Damper
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_AssaultRifleMagSize = Assault Rifle Extended Clips
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_AssaultRifleForce = Assault Rifle Pierce Mod
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_AssaultRifleDamage = Assault Rifle Extended Barrel
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_AssaultRifleAccuracy = Assault Rifle Scope

    Sniper Rifle:
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SniperRifleTimeDilatio n = Concentration Module
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SniperRifleReloadSpeed = Sniper Rifle Spare Thermal Clip
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SniperRifleDamage = Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SniperRifleConstraintD amage = Sniper Rifle Pierce Mod
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SniperRifleAccuracy = Enhanced Scope

    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_ShotgunStability = Shotgun Spare Thermal Clip
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_ShotgunMeleeDamage = Shotgun Knife
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_ShotgunDamage = High Calliber Barrel
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_ShotgunAccuracy = Smart Choke
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_ShotgunReloadSpeed = Shotgun Shredder

    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_PistolStability = Pistol Melee Stunner
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_PistolReloadSpeed = Pistol Pierce Mod
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_PistolMagSize = Pistol Extended Clips
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_PistolDamage = Pistol High Calliber Barrel
    SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_PistolAccuracy = Pistol Scope

    Hope this helps.

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    DLC codes

    I recently lost my saves due to having to do a factory reset on my computer (i failed to make a backup =/) and would like to re-obtain some of my favorite DLC weapons. if you get the time and are inclined to do so, may you please post a list of the DLC gear? specifically the high velocity barrels, thermal scopes, pistol heavy barrel, silenced pistol, and M-7 Lancer?

    if you could i would greatly appreciate it =)

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