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    Exclamation Final Fantasy XIII-2

    i would burn square-enix office if they dare to downgrade the graphic on xbox

    haha anyway a big fan of FF since the 8th series . but kinda feel dissapointed on the game lately . the game has change too much fantasy 13 is lost on his own road , no more city to interact , less npc to talk with , no more card game or other mini game that be a jewel of Final Fantasy . square enix does destroy it ...
    so what do u guys think about the 'evolution" of final fantasy? is it sux? or its a fun to try new stuff?

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    im a fan myself, i play those FFI-FFX then skipped those girlie FF's then continued with vhan(FFXII? not sure). well i guess it will be a hit, even thou the game has changed atleast theres new features to look forward to. but all in all FFVII will still be the best so far imo, cloud still rules and sephirot is cool as hell

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