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    Post What are your thoughts about Mists of Pandaria?

    For many like myself you waited anxiously anticipating the release of this new expansion hoping for new experiences and new features well now that the game has gone live and you have had time to start experiencing it did it live up to the hype?

    I'm torn.... While they added some interesting new things like farming for Veggies and whatnot I can't help but feel let down. The new expansion has sooo many dailies that its almost over whelming and I feel they really limited you with earning reputation. My primary class has always been a warlock and during the past two expansions they have not been at the top of then damage meters but at long last they have made their way back up near the top. I really like what they did with our pets. They are significantly more effective in battle and more useful in a group/raid.

    I'm still working on leveling my alts to get a feel for the changes to all the classes. I would like to hear from some other folks and their experiences with each class and with WoW as a whole. What are your likes and dislikes? What would you like to see them add in an upcoming patch?

    Look forward to seeing some responses.

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    I liked what they did with MOP, but sadly to say most of the mechanics were to predictable for bosses, with the constant simplifyiing every skill/spell to that of the 2nd 3rd and 4th counterpart, the classes wound up losing a lot of their diversity just with added limitations. I played wow since the start, I watch completely unique classes get merged into 1. Aside from the fancy animations each class retains, the spells were simply matched with a counterpart and aligned same damage range based on gears. This is truely visible when it comes to most healing classes, origionally each had their own benefits, and excelled in particular ranges, example pallies were amazing tank healers at one point, but they got forced into a raid group heal situation, (not that they weren't healing raid members to start; but it went as bad to compete with druids) which were made/designed and created for raid heals, priest were ment to flip flop between the two never excelling in either or. Shamans were in line with druids, but now all of the classes at least healers in that aspect have the same spells different animations and cooldown limitations.

    These changes is what made me quit in MOP, the last straw was when they edited my last main healer and took away the last spark that kept it seperate from the rest. It wasn't even about the power, it was about the differences in the way the classes were used. They wound up taking a 8button random rotation to a 2 button spam for almost all situations in a battle.

    They focused to much on reputation, and cooldown control, (those 3-5-10minute cooldown buttons that you had to cycle/time right with each person in a raid team) or you wound up failing at a boss.

    Thats what ruined it for me, the 'oh crap' buttons no longer were 'oh crap', unless you were in LFR.

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