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    No Sinestra Feat of Strength Any More!!

    (source:world of warcraft)Battlegrounds

    Alterac Valley

    Boss NPCs in the level 85-89 bracket are now level 90, and their guards are now level 89.

    Isle of Conquest

    Boss NPCs in the level 85-89 bracket are now level 90, and their guards are now level 89.

    Boss NPCs in the level 90 bracket are new level 91, and their guards are now level 90.



    Thrash periodic damage has been increased by 60%.


    Keg Smash damage has been increased by 50%.

    Keg Smash can now hit every target in range (was previously a maximum of three).


    Wild Strike damage has been increased by 18%.

    Execute damage has been decreased by 7%.

    Mortal Strike damage has been increased by 5%.

    Dungeons and Raids

    Bastion of Twilight

    Players are no longer able to earn the Feat of Strength "I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am".

    Stormstout Brewery

    Ook-Ook should now suffer impacts from players on barrels who hit him immediately after another barrel does.

    Pet Battles

    Battle pet quests are no longer flagged for Mists of Pandaria only, and can be accepted by players who have not yet upgraded.

    Slicing Wind can now hit multiple times on pets, regardless of their family type.

    Crimson moth and Wharf Rat should appear as expected in the Pet Journal.


    Players will now receive AOE credit for sinking both the Bladefist Reaper and Stygian Scar while in proximity of the ships being destroyed during the quest "Unleash Hell".

    Players no longer remain in the Orgrimmar Gunship phase of "Into the Mists" once the quest is completed.

    In the quest "Strongarm Tactics", players should now receive credit for killing Gyro-mechanic Lavenderp or Master Engineer Cogswing if the other NPC is slain by a second player.

    Players should be able to turn in the quest "The Elder's Instruments" and then see and interact with Pearlkeeper Fujin.

    The quests "Regroup", "You're Either With Us Or...", and "Face to Face with Consequence" should be offered automatically to characters who enter Honeydew Glade after leaving Thunderhold without receiving them from General Nazgrim and Taren Zhu.

    In the "Wicked Wikkets" quest, paratroopers how drop the quest item Alliance Service Medallion 100% of the time.

    The cutscene that plays during the quest "The Jade Serpent" cannot be cancelled by the player. This is intended.

    Bug Fixes

    Players should not receive duplicate messages in chat channels.

    Crossing a zone boundary on a multi-passenger mount should no longer dismount passengers.

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