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    [Mod] Undead Cursor

    Here's a cursor mod I got a long, LONG time ago and think is high time more people knew about.
    It's self explanatory really - instead of your default human iron gauntlet type cursor you will have the W3 undead cursor.

    Might be worth mentioning I forgot where I got this from which is why I need to say I am not the creator of this modification. As unknown as s/he is all credits go to him/her.

    Drop the entire folder called "Cursor" into the "Interface" directory of your WoW game. Default location is...

    C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface


    You might need to follow these next steps to get your new pointer to display properly...

    1. Navigate to your World of Warcraft directory in your computer. The default directory is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF

    2. Open the WTF folder.

    3. Double-click and open the file If you are asked which program to open the file with, choose WordPad or NotePad.

    4. In the file, make sure the following line appears, including the quote marks:

    SET gxCursor "0"

    You may have to add this line manually. After you are sure that line is appearing properly, please save and close the file. Now try the game, and your cursor should be showing up properly.

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