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    Change required XP to lvl UP.

    Did you ever want to change required exp to lvl up, but you didn't know how?
    Here is simple tutorial how to do that on OregonCore and probably it will work on TrinityCore, because they are quite similar.

    0. You need to have "clear" core, not repack.
    1. Open your solution file.
    2. Open file: "Formulas.h".
    3. Look for function named: "xp_to_level(...){...}".
    4. Type/change code inside function in way you want.

    inline uint32 xp_to_level(uint32 lvl)
    return 100 * lvl;
    } ...
    For example above:
    1level require 100xp
    2level require 200xp
    3level require 300xp

    PS. Sorry for my weak english and I hope it will be usefull for someone.

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