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    Put WoW models into 3dsMax

    1. Tools
    3DS Max 2010
    m2_import_v0.304 (download)
    WoW Model Viewer (download)

    2. Let's start
    In this tutorial I will tell you how to convert models from WoW Cataclysm, or from WoW WotLK to 3dsmax. For example, i will convert model of giant "Leviathan".

    Run script "m2_import_v0.304", I hope you know how. In opened window you'll see two strings:
    1. for select .m2 model
    2. for select .skin model

    (You need to select first .skin, for example for Leviathan - Ā«Leviathan00.skinĀ».)
    Click "Open", and go to "Animation". There you can see all model animations. In WoW Model Viewer you can view model animations (in WMV and in 3DSMAX animations have same numbers). Choose animations you want to see in your model. Then you can click Import.
    After importing your model will be so little. So you need to Scale it.
    And that's it! You can edit model how you want!

    Sorry for my bad english, my native language is russian.
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