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    Unhappy Recruit-A-Friend 1-80 Leveling guide

    1-10 | Questing- Cannot start dungeons until level 10 which is where it starts to really pick up

    10-50 | Dungeons- would be best if you have a level 90 to run you through these but if you do not just Queue up as a tank or healer for fast queues
    10-20 | Deadmines You should hit 20 in about 4-5 runs
    20-25 | Stockades About 5 runs, you should get a level or so per run
    25-35 | Scarlet Monastery
    35-40 | Scholomance Great place to level if your being boosted you can you stay at entrance and get xp
    40-50 | Stratholme Just be careful of the Eye of Naxxramas

    50-57 | Questing-Blackrock depths then 55-57 Swamp of Sorrows-Blasted Lands

    57-80 | Back to dungeons
    57-62 | Hellfire ramps or/and Blood Furnace
    62-65 | Mana tombs
    65-67 | Setthek Halls
    67-72 | Utgard Keep
    72-77 | Azjol-Nerub
    77-80 | Halls of Lightning

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