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    Wow servido o melhor ^^


    Since 2006 leading to the World Of Warcraft has to offer.

    The Heroes Of WoW is completely free, today taking on average 800 to 1000 players online and over 80Mil registered accounts, with more than 20mil accounts are active or have already logged-in 2010.

    Today we have three admins and a team of GMs and Moderators ready to help, solve and punish players.
    If quereira learn more about our team of GMs and Moderators enter our Forum.

    Being a server and FREE live donation volunteer admins created a virtual currency called GP (Gratulations Points), which can be used to exchange items or services in our shop.

    To join the Family Heroes you just have your WOW in version 3.3.5a WotLK, change the realm or use our launcher and register for an account.
    By doing this you are ready to enter a world of adventure called World Of Warcraft.

    our rates
    Items = 07
    Quest XP / Kill = 10
    Money = 07

    Our server configuration

    Processor 1: Quad Core Xeon 5405 - 2.66GHz (Harpertown) - 12MB cache
    Processor 2: Quad Core Xeon 5405 - 2.66GHz (Harpertown) - 12MB cache
    Memory: 8 GB FB-DIMM Registered 533/667
    Disc 1: 73 GB SA-SCSI 15K RPM
    Disc 2: 73 GB SA-SCSI 15K RPM
    Server Uptime: 99%
    Link: 1000 Mbps
    Database Backup: Daily

    LineBr - Heroes Of Wow - Melhor Servidor Brasileiro de World of Warcraft

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