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Thread: WoW lvl maps

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    WoW lvl maps


    Home Zone breed you chose (Level 1-11)
    Azshara (Level 11-20)
    Ashenvale (Level 20-25)
    Stonetalon Mountains (Level 25-30)
    The Cape of Stranglethorn (Level 30-35)
    Feralas (Level 35-40)
    Thousand Needles (Level 40-45)
    Tanaris (Level 45-50)
    Fellwood (Level 50-52)
    Winterspring (Level 52-55)
    The Blasted Lands (Level 55-58)


    Home Zone breed you chose (Level 1-11)
    Loch Modan (Level 11-20)
    Duskwood (Level 20-25)
    Stranglethron Valley (Level 25-35)
    Western Planguelands (Level 35-40)
    Eastern Planguelands (Level 40-45)
    Tanaris (Level 45-50)
    Burnign Steeps (50-52)
    Swamp of Sorrows (Level 52-55)
    The Blasted Lands (Level 55-58)

    From there begins the regions of Outland, mandatory for both the Horde and the Alliance. Here it will not have to:'' Ah, here has a lot Alliance ... '' I go to another map and vice versa.

    Helfire! (Level 58-62)
    Zangarmash (Level 62-64)
    Terrokar Forest (Level 64-66)
    Nagrand (Level 66-68)

    Okay, there is over the regions of Outland, and with that question:'' Will not until level 70?'' Answer: Yes! ......... however, the level 68 quests are now available in Northrend, which gives you better equipment, better EXP and Gold better!

    In Northrend:
    Borean Tundra (Level 68-71)
    Dragonlith (Level 71-72)
    Holwing Fjord (Level 72-74)
    Grizzly Hills (Level 74-75)
    Zul 'Drak (Level 75-77)
    The Storm Peaks (Level 77 goes far xD)
    Icerown (What you got in Strom Peaks until level 80)

    Now, in my honest opinion, begin the zones most fun and cool game ^ ^ Cataclysm zones!! Here you will be in level 80 to level 85. Here we go:

    Mount Hyjal (Level 80-82) - Try to do all the quests place, Lore is very beautiful.
    Deepholm (Level 82-83) - Make Quests only until level 83 and run to the next Zone
    Uldum (Level 83-84) - A total of 105 Quests, 80 is already a good size you ^ ^
    Twilight Highlands (Level 84-85) - As with'''' Mount Hyjal, try to do all the quests are easy and Lore is interesting, especially the start ^ ^

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