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Thread: Macros for Mage

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    Smile Macros for Mage

    Hey guys of PGC, here some macros for mages.

    # showtooltip Polymorph
    / focus [target = focus, noexists]
    / cast [@ focus] Polymorph

    Polymoph leaving the target in focus with this you can change the target, drop spells on another target and clicking on the polymorph macro is directed to the target and not focus on the target you are Spamming another spell.

    /castsequence Arcane Power, Mirror Image
    /use Mana Gem
    Use this Macro after using 5/6 Arcane Blast in Boss.

    / stopcasting
    / cast [modifier: shift, @ focus] Counterspell
    / cast [nomodifier: shift] Counterspell
    / stopcasting
    / cast [button: 1] Counterspell
    / cast [button: 2, target = focus, exists, nodead] Counterspell
    I use a variation of this macro do not need to press the shift. Instead use the left mouse button to cast on target and right to cast in focus. I think more practical

    I once saw the following macro in a website! @ # $% ^:

    # showtooltip Blink
    / stopcasting
    / cast Blink
    / stopmacro [NOHARM]
    / runflipcamerayaw (180)

    Some usefuls macros xD.

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