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    Smile Macro Guide (Part II)

    Hey guys here are the part 2 of the macro guide.

    Come on, with HARM and HELP this time!
    Now suppose you want to put two in the same skill cast, if the target is an ally, heal him, if the target is an enemy, attack him, as it does?
    Then comes the harm and help, if they detect their target or whether you're taking your blood, and aje according to the situation.

    # Showtootip 
    / Cast [help] Healing Wave; [harm] Frost Shock
    This macro will do exactly what I said, he will heal the target if it is friendly, if enemy attack, simple as that.
    And yes, it can be mixed with modfier and the targeting that I've explained previously.

    A final example of using all possible variations of the cast:
    *# Showtooltip 
    / Cast [nomod] Skill V 
    / Cast [mod: shift, harm] Skill C; [help] Skill D 
    / Cast [mod: alt, @ focus, harm] Skill X; [help] Skill Z
    And so ends the part of the cast, go to the Castsequence: D

    3.2) Castsequence
    The cast castsequence is a dynamic, it changes the skill to be used then the next you write the macro.
    *# Showtooltip 
    / Castsequence Skill X Skill Y, Z Skill
    Simple right?
    Squeeze 1 time, X Skill
    Squeeze 2 times, Skill Y
    Squeeze 3 times, Skill Z
    Squeeze 4 times, Skill X again
    And so it goes ...

    More Perai Tecurei, say that this is my combo, if I use the first skill, and my aim to die, but I want to continue my combo in another target, if so I'll be getting is the Skill YD:

    Fear not my friend, the RESET is here to help you!
    The reset will reset the sequence (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS STRIKES AGAIN) at a given time.

    # Showtooltip 
    / Castsequence reset = 3 Skill X Skill Y, Z Skill
    There, the sequence will be reset so that 3 seconds pass without you use the macro again, you can change to how many seconds you want, just change the 3 to the number you want.
    Remember, the Castsequence is a command, it can be used in the same Cast in a macro, so no need to create 2 macros, but only one for 2.
    Recalling also that Castsequence WORKS with modfier and targeting.

    # Showtooltip 
    / Cast [nomod] Skill X 
    / Castsequence [mod: alt] Skill Y, Z Skill 
    / Castsequence [mod: shift, @ focus] Skill Q: The Skill
    This macro will use the skill if X or shift or alt are pressed, will start a sequence if alt is pressed and another in its focus, if shift is pressed.

    @ Mouseover
    This here is a ******* we all hate, but I'll explain anyway because it can be useful to someone.
    The mouseover fits the targeting, you can use it instead of @ @ target or focus, it uses the target skill that your mouse is over, it may seem quite useful, and it is, but purely for PVE.
    Do not attempt to use this in PVP, really.

    3.3) Use
    The use, as I've said, is used for your items or things in your backpack.
    Using it is very simple, accompanying one or two numbers, one for something that is equipped, two for something that is in your bag.

    *# Showtooltip 
    / Use 13 
    / Cast Skill X

    This macro will use your first trinket and then use the skill X, assuming the bonus trinket increase the attack power of your skill, this number is the trinket above, the low is 14, is only if you want to change.

    To use an item in your backpack is thus:
    # Showtooltip 
    / Cast Feed Pet 
    / Use 0 3

    This macro automates the process of feeding your pet, choosing his food without you having to open your backpack, assuming that the food your pet is in the third slot of the backpack.
    The numbers of the backpacks are:

    0 - normal backpack, one that you already have when you create your character
    20 - His second bag (the most pro right side)
    21 - Third backpack
    22 - Fourth backpack
    23 - Fifth backpack (the most pro side)

    The second number is counted from left to right in your backpack, just put the heading for the item you want to use.

    Easy right?
    And VERY useful.

    3.4) commands for your pet

    Ah, your pets, these are damn anger in others knew?
    And because he does not deserve macro too?
    Yes deserve!

    And here vai Some macros for them:
    # Showtooltip 
    / Petattack 
    / Cast Mark Hunter

    This macro uses the Mark Hunter, and have your pet attack the target hunter dear friend, so lavish of happiness now that you no longer need to click the little button to attack the pet or start attacking your target to have your pet him!

    To use the skills of the pet, you can use the Cast normally, for example that which sends a crab trap the target on the ground, and soon after you kill gives order:

    # Showtooltip 
    / Cast Pin 
    / Cast Kill Order

    IMPORTANT ==> Whereas both global cooldown skills are not together, you can use the cast without modifier, this is one of the cases.

    3.5) Equipping items

    To equip an item using a macro, you must use the command / equipslot, is quite simple, you see:

    / Equipslot 16 WEAPON X 
    / Equipslot X 17 SHELL

    Notice the number 16 and 17, they indicate the space in your inventory the item will be equipped, 16 refers to the primary weapon slot, and 17 to offhand / shield.

    This code is more geared toward warriors, who tend to change constantly Weapons of two hands for one-handed weapons / shields.

    # Showtooltip 
    / 16 equipslot <your OF A WEAPON MÃO> 
    / 17 equipslot <your ESCUDO> 
    / 16 equipslot <your WEAPON OF TWO MÃOS> 
    / Cast [stance: 2] Battle Stance 
    / Cast [stance: 1] Defense Posture

    Tested and working.
    This macro basically trades his two-handed weapon for one-handed weapon / shield, or vice versa, break even exchange your posture

    3.6) commands chat

    This is easy, want a macro to automatically speak a message to guild, group pro, to raid, or chat pro business?

    / S: Normal Chat 
    / P: Group Chat 
    / Y: Yelling 
    / G: Guild Chat 
    / Raid: Chat raid 
    / Rw: Warning raid 
    / 1: General Chat 
    / 2: Commercial Chat 
    / 3: Chat defense 
    / Bg: Battlefield Chat

    I do not think I forgot any, remembering that it is not to put anything after the colon, it's just a comment, so would more or less

    / G blablabla

    To put the name of your target in a macro chat, use% n instead of the name.

    / Target [@ player] 
    / S Hello, my name is% n! 
    / Cleartarget


    I took the liberty of making a video to explain about binding keys, which is the act of changing the shortcuts of their skills to make the way you think best.

    Sorry for the noise in the background, after 10 tests this was the best I could leave in a likely future video I will improve it.

    Well, closing my Wall of Text, I leave this space for future posts, I probably missed something in those two hours writing, then leave this here to write a bit more later.

    And do not think I stopped here, this is the Macros tab, give me a time and I'll come back with a GUIDE SCRIPTS: D

    But just to make you mouth water, leave here a script extremely useful for hunters, or any class that has toggle skills, those that can be enabled or disabled, especially the types of creatures that show on the minimap.

    # Showtooltip 
    / Run for i = 1, GetNumTrackingTypes () local name, _, active = GetTrackingInfo (i) if name == "Track Humanoids" then return setTracking (i, enable == nil) end end
    Track Humanoids the change if they want to put the name of the skill you want!
    You can put this in a macro normally, and enable outside towns, to keep an eye on the minimap if you are suspicious of someone trying to kill you in the back, and off when entering a town full of people, not to mess up your minimap

    Ok, guys its all XD.

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