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    Guide for Macros ( Part 1)

    Hey galera estou postando esse guia sobre macros que é de um amigo meu . Ele possui alguns erros na tradução mas em sua maioria está certinho xD. I split into 2 parts, not to get too big.

    Section 0.9: Creating a Macro
    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: Understanding a macro
    Section 3: No more bullshit!
    **********3.1: Cast
    **********3.2: Castsequence
    **********3.3: Use
    **********3.4: Commands for pets
    **********3.5: Equipping items
    **********3.6: Commands chat
    Section 4: Binding keys
    Section 5: Final Thoughts


    To create a macro, press ESC and then click Macros.
    Open a window with some squares, note two tabs at the top of this window, a are the macros that you can share among your other chars and char just for that, I recommend using only scripts tab of all chars.
    To start a new macro, click New, and another window will open, it put a name to the macro and choose your icon.

    TIP: Leave the red question mark if you want the icon to be the same as the skill that you will use in the macro.

    Now note that old window has changed, you can write things in the macro.
    Always remember to click Save after making any changes, if not he will return to what it was before.


    Macros are designed to make life easier for WoW players, they can be used in various ways and for various purposes, almost mandatory for PVP, and very handy in PvE.

    No, they will not ban you or anything, they are totally allowed, after all, was itself blizzard that allowed their use.

    A macro consists of a few words that automate certain things you probably have some work to do.

    But no, they DO NOT automate gameplay, for example, you can not use them to push a button and just give him a triple somersault while you use all your powers in a row and kills a guy in less than 1 second.

    This is an example of a macro:
    # Showtooltip
    / Cast steel Tornado
    / Y I AM a top HAHAHA

    This macro makes a warrior weapons use his ability Tornado steel, which makes him turn his gun a few times, and then he does scream ... this bullshit where I wrote.
    That was just an example, let's delve more later === SECTION 2: UNDERSTANDING A MACRO ===
    Macros need functions, need to be programmed, and how anything is scheduled, you need to use commands to the machine to execute such commands it, I will not give a Java class here, but I will show the basic commands from a macro.
    (PS: The commands are in English, but work with the game in Portuguese!)

    / Cast

    The cast is the most popular this command tells the game to use the skill X

    / Castsequence

    The castsequence causes a button only, can be used multiple skills row, he does not use all skills at once, but that skill will change so that the previous key is used.
    Used almost specifically for those combos skill that increases damage gradually, eg for DK's, you can use this to put all your diseases on the target, and soon after use some skill getting stronger according to the amount of diseases that target have it all in one button only.

    # Showtooltip

    This line just makes the game which shows the skill that will be used at the moment if you press your shortcut, just put your mouse on top.
    Example, if you put in showtooltip and use a castsequence macro, placing the mouse over the macro on the action bar show which skill will be used next.

    This line is not essential, it just makes the description of the skill is shown when you hover over the macro.

    / Target

    The target is to have your character grab the target of someone, or even give some NPC target automatically.

    / Stopcast

    You are using a skill it takes to cast cancel and want to use another? This is his command him to anything that is currently being castada.

    / Focus

    Focus is a second target, you will use a lot of it in pvp, especially in 2v2 arenas.

    / Targetenemy

    This command causes you select an enemy target that is an NPC closest to you, he will not select other players.

    / Targetenemyplayer

    This command causes you select an enemy target that is a PLAYER, it will ignore any NPC.

    === SECTION 3: NO MORE crap ===

    That's right, you got tired of school / work and want to stop wasting time reading drivel that anyone writes a madman on the internet, for God's sake Tecurei accelerates there!
    Ok, ok, believe it or not I hate writing, but I'm doing it for the general good of Azeroth.

    3.1) Cast

    Let's start with the basics, the cast.
    # Showtooltip
    / Cast Hex
    / P Dei Hex in the damn healer!

    Okay then, a simple macro that tells your group that you used in the Hex healer, DPS perfect time pro wasting your CD's in the other.

    But wait, this macro is very basic, it's not why you're here right?
    Let us know MODFIER, oh yeah!

    The Modfier changes the skill of the macro according to any buttons that are being pushed at the moment, I personally use it only with the Shift and the Alt, but he also works with Ctrl.

    *# Showtooltip
    / Cast [nomod] Skill X
    / Cast [mod: shift] Skill Y
    / Cast [mod: alt] Skill Z
    / Cast [mod: ctrl] Skill U

    And so does the modifier, you hold shift, you use the skill Y, you hold alt, you use the skill Z, you hold ctrl, you use the skill U, you simply press the macro shortcut, you use the skill X, Got it?

    Wait, have not ya?

    Okay, _;
    Wait, it's not okay!

    Because now I present the gentlemen, THE TARGETING!

    That's right, why should I change my target to use the skill in it, this is very annoying!

    Suppose you are in 2v2 arena, or interrupt a healer, but not yet put his skill to silence the shortcuts, and think that would add another button is VERY thing for you, solution? A MACRO!

    Vamo this:
    # Showtooltip
    / Cast [nomod] Skill X
    / Cast [mod: shift] Skill Y
    / Cast [mod: alt, @ focus] Silencing Shot

    There it is, you just put your silence on any shortcut, so when you hold alt, you use your skill of silence (in this case, the hunter), but no, he will not use on your target, but in its focus , that looks beautiful!
    But note, you'll have to focus on the healer first, will not work if this is not done.

    Note also that you can change the @ to use the skill focus on:
    @ Player => Yourself
    @ Target => In your target
    @ Pet => On your pet

    He found it very directed to PVP right?
    Vamo PvEzada that gives a macro!

    *# Showtooltip
    / Cast [nomod] Skill X
    / Cast [mod: shift] Skill Y
    / Cast [mod: alt, @ targettarget] Wind Shear

    Suppose you are a Shaman healer (my case: D) and is healing your tank, when the boss uses a skill that can be interrupted by any interrupt, when he starts casting, because you should select him to use his interrupt?
    The targettarget will use the skill on the target of your target, if the target of your tank, it's the boss, you're done!

    second part in the guide 2 ...

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