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    WoW Elemental Shaman Guide 4.3

    WOW Elemental Shaman Guide -

    Hi, this is my first time posting so sorry if its not up to par.

    As an ele shaman you should be concerned with this stats:

    Spirit(until 17% spell hit) > Intellect > Mastery > Haste > Crit

    Gems you should use are:

    1.) Brilliant Inferno Rubys or Queen's Garnet if the piece is 397 ilevel or above
    2.) Artful Amber Topaz or Lava Coral (only if the socket bonus is +20 int or higher)
    3.) Purified Demonseye or Shadow Spinel (only if the socket bonus is +20 int or higher)

    Heres the glyphs you should use:

    Prime Glyphs:

    1.) Glyph of Flame Shock
    2.) Glyph of Unleashed Lightning
    3.) Glyph of Lightning Bolt or Lava Burst (depending on if you need to move around alot or not)

    Major Glyphs:

    1.) Glyph of Lightning Shield
    2.) Glyph of Thunder
    3.) Glyph of Chain Lightning (optional)

    Your spell rotation depends on what skills are ready, but here are some things that should be kept up at all times:

    Flametongue Weapon and Lightning Shield.

    The totems I usually keep up(unless there is another shaman) is:

    1.) Strength of Earth
    2.) Wrath of Air
    3.) Mana Spring Totem
    4.) Fire Elemental (on boss fights) or Searing Totem

    Here are the skills you should use:

    Single target:

    1.) Flame Shock (make sure to keep this up on the target)
    2.) Lava Burst
    3.) Earth Shock (when your Lightning Shield has 6 or charges or more)
    4.) Lightning Bolt (to fill in when your waiting on something else)

    Multi Target (3 or more):

    1.) Chain Lightning (spam until your below 50% mana or keep going if the targets will die soon)
    2.) Do regular Single target rotation.

    You should also be using your cooldowns whenever possible:

    1.) Elemental Mastery
    2.) Thunderstorm (if your under 85% mana)
    3.) Unleash Elements

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