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    [Vbulletin Plugin] Post This Month / User

    Okey this seconds plugin for PGC forum.

    For how to used it, same as before but the plugin code is diferent...and must add some new template code.
    How To Use It Basicly Same

    Now i just put the code and the template code that u have add.

    if have any question just posting here..

    PHP Code:
    $getlastposts $db->query_read("
        SELECT COUNT(*) as total
        FROM " 
    TABLE_PREFIX "post AS post
        WHERE  post.userid  = " 
    $vbulletin->userinfo['userid'] . "
        MONTH(FROM_UNIXTIME( post.dateline )) = MONTH(NOW())
        YEAR(FROM_UNIXTIME( post.dateline )) = YEAR(NOW())
        ORDER BY post.dateline DESC

    if (
    $getlastpost $db->fetch_array($getlastposts))
    vB_Template::preRegister('memberinfo_block_statistics',array('poststhismonth' => $getlastpost['total']));

    And put This Code On - Then find the template at Member Info Template.. here we used memberinfo_block_statistics inside Member Info Template to hook the plugin..double click memberinfo_block_statistics.

    Find The Place that u want to put it..

    for example Find This :

    PHP Code:
    <dl class="blockrow stats">
    dt>{vb:rawphrase posts_per_day}</dt>
    dd> {vb:raw prepared.postsperday}</dd>
    Add Below :

    PHP Code:
    <dl class="blockrow stats">
    dt>{vb:rawphrase posts_this_month}</dt>
    dd> {vb:raw poststhismonth} </dd>
    then save and reload.

    Then Go To Languages & Phrases -> Phrase Manager

    Click Add New Phrase

    At Varname put : posts_this_month
    at Text put : Post This Month

    Then save it..

    Hope This is Useful for PGC.
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    Learn from PGC for Share on PGC..

    For another Stuff i have make try to find it [Please, register to view links]
    If i have help you, please thanks and respect ..

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