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    Simple OCR ( Optical character recognition ) Breaker.


    Today i'll share what i have..

    this is a code to make u can read a Simple Captcha.

    this help me to post my site to make backlink and make my Page Rank in google search up.

    Here is the class code..

    Sorry for function name i used indonesian language.

    PHP Code:


    OCRbreaker {

    read($data) { 
    $orig  imagecreatefromstring($data);
    $letter_num 2;

    $pos = array("0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h","i","j","k","l","m","n","o","p","q","r","s","t","u","v","x","w","y","z");
    $code '';
    $lbl "";
    $hasil = array();
            foreach (
    $pos as $p1) {
                    foreach (
    $pos as $p2) {
    $lbl $p1.$p2;
    $gbr $this->gambar($lbl);
    $skor $this->beda($orig$gbr);
    $hasil[$lbl] = $skor;
            foreach (
    $hasil as $k=>$v) { $kode $k; break; }

    ketengah($image$image_width$string$font_size$y$color) { 
    $text_width imagefontwidth($font_size)*strlen($string); 
    $center ceil($image_width 2); 
    $x $center - (ceil($text_width/2)); 
    gambar($teks) { 
    $width 30;
    $height 20;

    $image ImageCreate($width$height);
    $black ImageColorAllocate($image000);
    $white ImageColorAllocate($image255255255);
    $grey ImageColorAllocate($image200200200);
    gambar_canvas($teks) {
    $img $this->gambar($teks);
    header("Content-Type: image/jpeg");

    beda($i1$i2) {
    $sx1 imagesx($i1);
    $sy1 imagesy($i1);

            if (
    $sx1 !== imagesx($i2) || $sy1 !== imagesy($i2)) {

    $diffi imagecreatetruecolor($sx1$sy1);
    $green imagecolorallocate($diffi02550);

    $different_pixels 0;

            for (
    $x 0$x $sx1$x++) {
                for (
    $y 0$y $sy1$y++) {

    $rgb1 imagecolorat($i1$x$y);
    $pix1 imagecolorsforindex($i1$rgb1);

    $rgb2 imagecolorat($i2$x$y);
    $pix2 imagecolorsforindex($i2$rgb2);

                    if (
    $pix1 !== $pix2) {


            if (!
    $different_pixels) {
            } else {
    $total $sx1 $sy1;
    number_format(100 $different_pixels $total2);
    Hope it usefull for all of you..

    if it help, please give thank
    Learn from PGC for Share on PGC..

    For another Stuff i have make try to find it [Please, register to view links]
    If i have help you, please thanks and respect ..

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