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    War Rock is a first-person multiplayer game, made by Dream Execution. The game can be played free, but extras should be paid. The game was released in 2004 in Korea. The official launch in the rest of the world was in 2007, although the game even though it could be played in a beta version.

    The game

    A player can choose any game from within five different classes: Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Assault and Heavy Trooper. Each class has its own skills and weapons. There are many different weapons from hand guns to machine guns. Most of those weapons must be purchased for virtual money (dinar). The money you win by 'games' to complete to get a higher grade, for example staff sergeant (2500 Serbian Dinar) or to buy the dinar website.Hierdoor WarRock Dinar and you get experience points which you can achieve a higher grade. War Rock is composed of three game types. Here they are interpreted.


    CPU Pentium 3, 800 Mhz Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz 512 MB RAM or better 512 MB or better Graphics Radeon 8500LE, Geforce MX400 or better FX5700 / ATI 9200 OS Windows ME / 2000 / XP Windows 2000 / XP ISP DSL Cable / T1 Network Card 10 Mbps 100 Mbps / 1000 Mbps Preferred: Killer NIC Hard Drive 900 MB 900 MB

    Play mode

    Close Quarters Combat

    Close Quarters Combat or CQC is the most played his way through rapid rounds. Up to 16 players play. In Close Quarter Combat are currently three different types of play.

    Game Mode CQC


    In close quarter combat (also called mission) is a central mission. The maps are fairly small and there may be up to 16 players sit in a room. Derbaran (one of the two teams) is to place a bomb on one of two locations (Bomsite A and B bomsite). Before that, everyone in the team Derbaran a bomb with him. NIU (the other team) to prevent the bomb placed by all of the other team to kill or disarm the bomb when the bomb once loaded. The neutralization of the bomb can be a nippers that all of the NIU team with him.

    FFA (Free For All)

    In the game everyone plays against each other. There are no teams. The goal is the first selected number of "Kills" to (10.15, 20, 25 or 30). These players all have the same color clothes, namely dark blue.


    In this game you play with teams of 4 or 8 players, it is the intention as soon as possible with all your team a certain number of "Kills" to get ahead of his set (30, 50, 100, 150 or 200) . This play on different maps ` 'levels.

    Urban ops

    The purpose of urban ops is the score of the opponent to 0 to bring. Both teams start with a score of 50, 100, 150, 200 or 300 (prior to). The killing of a player is one point of his / her team, to capture a base to two points out of the team that loses the base. In this mode, some fields including agriculture (eg single tank) and air vehicles (eg helicopters) are used. These fields are medium and maximum number of players is 24.

    Game Mode Urban Ops

    In urban ops you have two different types of game. In Urban Ops are the 'maps' is also greater than in CQC.


    It is the intention that the 2 teams, and Niu Derbaran each other score decrease by bases from each other and conquer enemy players murder. By taking a basis to have 2 points of the other team away and the murder of an enemy 1 point. The team, whose score is 0 loses.


    In this mode, the two teams attempt to capture the enemy bases. If a team succeeds, it has won. The game starts with 999 points. There are unlike deathmatch also points from the team with the fewest bases, depending on the number of bases difference. This mode can be compared with Capture the flag.

    Battle Groups

    Battle group consists of large cards with up to 32 players where players can be played. Here, all vehicles used as fighter jets, tanks and humvees. This mode differs only in urban ops size of the playing fields, where the goal is the same.

    Types of Battle Groups

    The species are the same as urban ops.


    After the choice between different types of games, there is a choice between 5 different characters. Each character has weapons that they can only use, and thus advantages and disadvantages relative to one another make.


    The engineer is the first character, and has the great advantage that they can repair vehicles. A disadvantage is that he no grenades with him to bear (this is only possible paid premium).

    Standard weapons:

    Slot 1: Fists Slot 2: Colt pistol Slot 3: MP5 Slot 4: Wrench


    The medic, the only female character, is the only one medic kits to use. About Medic Boxes (cases) or special syringes HP (health points) could also increase. It may by itself or its teammates administration (Medic Boxes also its enemies). The Medic Boxes can be thrown to the ground after its own team or its enemy used to get energy back, to give 2 points to assist. The cases are PX items only premium which can be purchased.

    Standard weapons:

    Slot 1: Fists Slot 2: Colt pistol Slot 3: MP5 Slot 4: Medic kit 1

    Sniper (scout)

    The sniper (sniper) or scout is the character that snipers rifles (Sniper Rifles) can use for shooting long distances.

    Standard weapons:

    Slot 1: Fists Slot 2: Colt Slot 3: M24 Slot 4: 2 k400 Grenades


    The assault is the appropriate character for the battles of man to man. Unlike the other characters, he totally made for battle.

    Standard weapons:

    Slot 1: Fists Slot 2: Colt Slot 3: K-2 Slot 4: 2 k400 Grenades

    Heavy Trooper

    The heavy trooper is equipped to destroy vehicles. With landmines, rocket launchers, mini guns and rocket launchers can airplanes, land vehicles and boats destroyed.

    Standard weapons:

    Slot 1: Fists Slot 2: Colt Slot 3: Panzer Faust Slot 4: 3 mine TMA-1A Anti-vehicle mines.

    Difference between F2P and P2P

    The game, as mentioned earlier, free play. Not paying players do not have access to some weapons and some maps do not. P2P or pay to play (pay to play) in a number of species. These differences in price and features. The species are bronze (? 3.80 p / m), silver (? 6.40 p / m), gold (? 9.60 p / m). With gold (gold) premium, the player access to all options. These players may fix their own "room" with its own name (ordinary players have a standard name) and they can also be a private "room" with password so that only people who know the password, in the cream can. Bronze and Silver may fifth slot to buy a gun with him to contribute more. When Gold is it at all.


    Close Quarters Combat

    For Close Quarter Combat are 10 different cards, namely Bloc, Blue Storm (4-USA-4) Cadoro, Cold Cave (4-USA-4), Karaqum, Khali, Khyber, Marine, Red Clover (4-USA-4) , Rusty Nails (4-USA-4), Velruf and Xauen. Only Marine, Velruf, Bloc Cadoro and can be made by F2P players. The other cards can only be made as P2P player. By Christmas 2007 Velruf replaced by X-Velruf. In this version of Velruf is snow and some items changed and moved. The big difference between Velruf and X-Velruf was added tunnel. On January 23, 2008, this tunnel also Velruf added. Halloween 2008 was replaced by Haunted Bloc Bloc, a halloween version of Bloc. These include large spiders and pumpkins added. On March 13, 2008 introduced two new maps along with a new game: 4, 4 deathmatch or 8 against 8. The new maps are: Red Clover and Cold Cave. Later here are 2 other added, namely: Rusty Nails and Blue Storm. Some time later (in August) there is a folder, added: Beringia. And in October there is an added level of Dark Glow, This will appear more and more levels!

    Urban ops

    For the urban ops are 14 different cards, namely Alberon, Cantimura, Emblem, ELIA Harbor, Harbor IDA, Havana, Montana, Nerbil, Odyssey, Ravello, Ravello 2nd Street, Vitious, Zakhar and Cloud Forest.

    Zakhar Emblem and also as a battle group maps.

    Battle Groups

    The 11 cards for Battle Groups are Bandar, Conturas, Emblem, Engrene, Ohara, Pargona, Pargona East, Thamugandi, Zakhar, Crater, Disturm. The difference between Battle Groups and other game species, is that you can use many vehicles, including tanks, helicopters and aircraft.


    In the autumn of 2007 the so-called "Marketplace" (store) significantly extended. Thus, weapons and PX items also bought with real money. P2P players now also have the advantage of discounts and the level restrictions of the weapons dropped. These decisions are not for every user in the right throat shot, many think that one of the goals of the game, the better play to a higher level and thus obtain better weapons to buy, it does not fall in, for now anyone can buy these weapons.


    For War Rock is also known as' Retail Box 'made available to the commercial release. This is just like another game for the PC in a CD-ROMdoos with a guide but also a small booklet containing an overview of the folders, dog tags (there are 5) and a Retail Code. The activation of the retail code, you get 1 month premium gold (including 55,500 dinars) and 10,000 dinars. Also do you have a weapon for each class that you always keep that in eighth weapon slot is placed. The weapons are one of the weapons listed below, a medic kit 2 for the medic and smoke grenades for the other characters.

    Overview of the retail arms and their class:


    A sniper rifle for the sniper. The AI_AW is very precise and therefore suitable for long distances. The disadvantages are a fairly high return and long time before the weather AI_AW stable. Many prefer the AI_AW over PSG AI_AW because the skills required. This weapon is mainly used in Urban Ops and Battle Group. The retail of this sniper is very gewilt.


    A gun for the assault. The FAMAS shoot very fast and accurately. A disadvantage is that the arms 25 includes bullets. This means that there must be recharged often. This retail is very popular because the FAMAS in the shop 33,000 Serbian Dinar cost $ 9.00 in the marketplace.


    An automatic weapon for the assault. A supporter of the Minimi (M249). Slightly slower but more powerful. The M60 has 1 warehouse of 100 bullets. The M60 is very powerful and is widely used in CQC, Urban Ops and Battle Group.

    Minimi (M249)

    An automatic weapon for Assault. The M249 is slightly less powerful than the M60, but faster. Also, the M249 1 store more than M60, which is 3x100. these retail for heavy trooper


    The G36C_D or G36C Drum is a customized version of the G36C for assault. The warehouse, this type of 'Drum' contains 100 bullets instead of the usual 30.

    Minigun (M134)

    A weapon for the heavy trooper. The Minigun is very strong and fast and is suitable to helicopters and vehicles on land. Disadvantages are the return, the time required for the arms in motion, and you walk slow, because the weapon is very heavy. It has 1 warehouse of 200 bullets.


    The global revenue of War Rock was a huge success, mainly because the game to a certain level is free to play. However, important and influential video game sites like IGN and Gamespot gave the game only a moderate assessment. According to IGN it is an "ugly-looking game that suffers from graphical flaws and serious problems lay. IGN gave it a score of 8 / 10. Game Spot, the other major video game site, gave it a 7.1 / 10, and criticized especially unfair given that players pay real money to War Rock, which they so superior armor procurement in comparison with players who do not pay. War Rock is, however, the week most downloaded video game on the famous site


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