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    Tip for the Season 2 Quest Wasp hive

    Season 2 quests are quite different from those of season 1.
    I personally think that the quest 'Wasp hive' is the one has huge difference.
    Because you can move around the whole map in season 2 quest, you might face unwanted mobs and bosses. If you are not sure about which map does boss appear, just press 'h', then a mini-map will show up and the portrait of boss is marked on the map. Well, the boss, Kaula and blackwing, appears when you clear every mobs in D.

    TIPS for 5069

    1. Blackwing
    Black wing is a green wasp. It is quite easy to kill so if you have party member, and if you are the weakest one in the party, I suggest you to kill Blackwing solely. If you can seperate Blackwing from Kaula the battle gonna be much easier. Blackwing has low def so it is even easy to kill with 11k dmg.

    2. Kaula
    Kaula has a special move which spread some kinda of liquid around herself. When you get hit by the liquid, your mobility gonna be super weak. Kaula even has melee combo move which makes you very vulnerable. Armors can be broken quite easily. It is very hard to get away from the combo when you get any part of the combo, but it is quite easy to dodge since its movement is quite straight. Problem is when you get hit by the combo move as getting slow effect. It becomes really really hard to avoid the combo attack, but you still can manage yourself dodging. there are several little cliff which you can climb up. you can simply jump rather than using 'E' to climb up. Using this cliff is kinda of key to win the battle without any damage. if you are kai you can just attack kaula and blackwing as climbing up and down consistently.

    Have fun in the HIVE.

    P.S Light of Palala is usless for this quest.

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