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    Something 'useful' for Vindictus

    Firstly, please ignore my bad english....
    To make your character have a look with dark night/paladin
    Just modify the player_costume.txt of the client
    Download the attachment and extraxt it into data and you will see a file called scripts
    Open the file and you will see player_costume.txt

    So, in the txt,find

                    "category"        "female"
                    "label"        "4"
                    "normal"        "models/player/fiona/fiona_innerarmor01.mdl"
                    "category"        "female"
                    "label"        "1002"
                    "normal"        "models/player/evy/evy_inner_free.mdl"
    Change the last line into
    "normal" "models/player/paladin/female_paladin.mdl"
    normal" "models/player/paladin/female_paladin_2.mdl"
    "normal" "models/player/darkknight/female_darkknight.mdl"
    "normal" "models/player/darkknight/female_darkknight_2.mdl"

    Open the game and enjoy it

    And this txt will
    Note that you have to wear 你default underwear to achieve the change for the look
    Or you may have to replace the name of your own underwear

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