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    Vindictus Free fishing

    So without further Adu, here is how to fish for "free."
    1. Go into your inventory, and equip either a legitimately acquired Fishing Rod.
    2. Cast and wait until you catch something
    3. Once something's caught legitimately cancel out on the next cast
    4. Put this into your console, and hit enter: cc_set_sub_weapon fishing_rod_cash 2000
    4. Cast out, and enjoy the free fish!
    5. Go to sleep.

    • You MUST use a legit fishing rod to catch a fish before you use this. I'm not sure why, but it works no other way for me. Could work differently for you, but what are the odds of that
    • There MAY be a chance you still have to have a legit fishing rod in your inventory WHILE using the "fake" ones. This I'm unsure of.
    • This will autofish for hours with free rods
    • BTW, the harpoons also work too for catching the regular fish.

    • BUT, here's the catcher...
    • You are NOT able to do the cheat_fast_fish, autofish_max_wait_time, or anything like that. once you modify the time it takes to receive the fish, it literally gives you NOTHING (not sure why, I'm still looking at the memory reads for that, to see if I can figure a way around this.)

    • It's not my freaking fault if you get banned. I've used over 500 free rods, and haven't been banned yet, but that doesn't mean that I won't.

    Credits to Draconnus.

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