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    Vindictus Equipment Explorer

    Vindictus Equipment Explorer has been updated!
    Episode 9 is out along with new equipment and scrolls. These are now included in Vindictus Equipment Explorer. All of your old save files will work, as well as your previous settings. It is a simple drop-in replacement. Users should not have any trouble upgrading.

    Vindictus Equipment Explorer

    Make sure to set your base stats. When in Vindictus, open your character window. Mouse over your stats. When you hover over the numbers, you'll see something like "1000 + 500". Your base, is the number BEFORE the +. Therefore, your base stat would be 1000.

    You can right click on any item that's equipped in VEE to set enhancement and enchant level. All armor, accessories, weapons, and enchant scrolls are in the internal database. You'll be able to see your stats change as you change enchants and raise and lower enhancement levels.

    Additionally, you can save your stats or equipment setups and share them. Each file is a simple text file with a custom extension. Last but not least, it saves whatever you've done last. Have the perfect setup? Forgot to save it? Don't worry! It remembers your last equipment setup.

    This program is accurate as of October 25, 2011. It should exactly reflect your stats. Don't believe me? Put in your current stats, masteries and equipment setup. See if it doesn't match.

    Credits to l2noob2.

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