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    [HELP] Recover SSDT win xp > win 7 vb6

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    Good day, I am studying about restoring SSDT hooks, with maked by Xtrap, example: "ZwOpenProcess","ZwReadVirtualMemory", then i realized that on windows XP, I can find the address hookeds, but in win 7 32b he not only finds the address of the original functions, the address hookados he can not read , maybe because of the difference in the win XP service packs for win 7 32b below is a piece of code I am studying in VisualBasic 6 because I got the source here in [DELPHI]UnhookSDT, but has failed in reading the kernel.

    Code get SSDT.

    Public Sub GetSSDT(ByVal lst As ListView)
    On Error Resume Next
        Dim i As Long, j As Long, Length As Long, Buff() As Byte, pKernelName As Long, hKernel As Long
        Dim dwKSDT As Long, pService As Long, DosHeader As IMAGE_DOS_HEADER, NtHeader As IMAGE_NT_HEADER
        dwServices = 0
        ZwQuerySystemInformation SystemModuleInformation, 0, 0, VarPtr(Length)
        ReDim Buff(Length - 1)
        ZwQuerySystemInformation SystemModuleInformation, VarPtr(Buff(0)), Length, 0
        With ModuleInformationFromPtr(VarPtr(Buff(4)))
            dwKernelBase = .Base
            pKernelName = VarPtr(.ImageName(0)) + .ModuleNameOffset
        End With
        hKernel = LoadLibraryEx(pKernelName, 0, DONT_RESOLVE_DLL_REFERENCES)
        dwKSDT = GetProcAddress(hKernel, "KeServiceDescriptorTable")
        Assert dwKSDT <> 0
        dwKSDT = dwKSDT - hKernel
        dwKiServiceTable = FindKiServiceTable(hKernel, dwKSDT)
        Assert dwKiServiceTable <> 0
        CopyMemory VarPtr(DosHeader), hKernel, 64
        With DosHeader
            Assert .e_magic = &H5A4D
            CopyMemory VarPtr(NtHeader), hKernel + .e_lfanew, 168
        End With
        With NtHeader
            Assert .Signature = &H4550
            Assert .Magic = &H10B
        End With
        pService = hKernel + dwKiServiceTable
        Do While DwordFromPtr(pService) - NtHeader.ImageBase < NtHeader.SizeOfImage
            Address1(dwServices) = DwordFromPtr(pService) - NtHeader.ImageBase + dwKernelBase
            pService = pService + 4
            dwServices = dwServices + 1
        FreeLibrary hKernel
        Dim QueryBuff As MEMORY_CHUNKS, ReturnLength As Long
        With QueryBuff
            .Address = dwKernelBase + dwKiServiceTable
            .pData = VarPtr(Address2(0))
            .Length = dwServices * 4
        End With
        ZwSystemDebugControl SysDbgReadVirtualMemory, VarPtr(QueryBuff), 12, 0, 0, VarPtr(ReturnLength)
        Length = DwordFromPtr(VarPtr(Buff(0)))
        For i = 0 To Length - 1
            With ModuleInformationFromPtr(VarPtr(Buff(i * 284 + 4)))
                For j = 0 To dwServices - 1
                    If Address2(j) >= .Base And Address2(j) < .Base + .Size Then
                        ModuleName(j) = StringFromPtr(VarPtr(.ImageName(0)))
                    End If
            End With
        Dim c As OLE_COLOR
        With lst.ListItems
            For i = 0 To dwServices - 1
            'RecoverSSDT i - 1
                If Address1(i) = Address2(i) Then
                    c = vbBlack
                    c = vbRed
                End If
                With .Add(, , "0x" & AddZero(Hex(i), 4))
                    .ForeColor = c
                    With .ListSubItems
                        .Add(, , FuncName(i)).ForeColor = c
                        .Add(, , "0x" & AddZero(Hex(Address1(i)), 8)).ForeColor = c
                        .Add(, , "0x" & AddZero(Hex(Address2(i)), 8)).ForeColor = c
                        .Add(, , ModuleName(i)).ForeColor = c
                    End With
                End With
        End With
    End Sub
    Someone can help read the address hooks in Win 7 32b

    printscreen result execution win 7 32b Video Hosting

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