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    [C#] Custom Button - JButton


    JButton is a .Net custom button control library.

    By using this library, you can use a stylish(?!) button in your WinForms rather than the default one.

    This library can be used in 3.5 or higher version of .Net Framework.

    You can alter the color of the button, add image to the button and use button as Checkbox or Radiobutton.


    Brightness - the brightness of the upper color of the button

    ButtonColor - the color of the button

    TextColor - the color of the text

    CheckedColor - the color of the button when checked

    Image - add the image to the button

    Text - text displayed in the button

    Mode - mode of the button

    Default: Default mode

    Checkbox: use button as a checkbox

    RadioButton: use button as radiobutton

    Style - sets how the image will be displayed

    Default: text under the image

    ImageOnly: display the image in the center; no text

    ImageRollover: displays only image at default state; when the mouse is on the button, displays the text.

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