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    Theme MetroSuite [UPDATE 04.09.2013] - Windows 8 Style

    The Metro Suite Library is a powerful dynamic link library for your. NET Windows Forms applications.
    It offers umdesignte standard controls in the modern metro-look just like completely new controls.
    Also the MetroSuite.dll is very easy to use and requires relatively few prior knowledge.

    Button ( v1.6 )
    A Button control that one has been equipped several styles .
    It is completely changed, and acts almost exactly like the existing Windows Forms Control .

    (Not available)

    ( In this screenshot, as well as on the following three predefined styles to see above Light , Dark and down the middle soap. )

    Checkbox and Circle ( v1.6 )
    The MetroCheckbox and the Metro Check Circle Controls are similar in function to the standard win.forms checkbox .
    All colors can be determined self again by the user.

    Panels ( v1.6 )
    Since version 1.6 only still exist two different panels in the Metro Suite library.
    The panel Category and the Panel Selection are both intended to single out certain texts , menu items or values.
    As menu items and also as a kind of " box" , the Metro Selection Panel be used. When it is clicked, it will ( if active) selected.
    The Panel Category is rather intended to single out a category on the home screen . In principle, it should be used as a kind of " button" .

    (Not available)

    Progressbar ( v1.6 )
    The progress bar in the Metro Suite is a Control, which is intended to display the current progress.
    The best looks of the progress bar when using the style of "Soap " . For thus it is much more pleasant.

    (Not available)

    Switch ( v1.6 )
    The metro switch was introduced with version 1.4 and basically a switch. He has ( if active) three different values ​​:
    "Left ", " Right" and "Middle" (optional). When you click on the button it jumps to the next status.
    Of course, the Metro switch like any other control in the Metro suite is fully modifiable. So you can show all new color property .

    (Not available)

    Track bars ( v1.6 )
    There are two new controls in the Metro suite. Both are track bars and act exactly the same as the normal Windows Forms Control , but you have some more features.
    This track bars are the : MetroTrackbar and MetroTrackbarRegion . While the TrackbarRegion specifies a value range , the normal trackable returns only one value.
    Also built into the MetroTrackbar is the " bonus " class sound features. With the help of this class you can simply read or set the application volume .

    (Not available)

    Textbox ( v1.6 )
    Finally the MetroTextbox works perfectly again ! This is a text box as well as the existing control , but in the metro -look.
    With version 1.6 has been fixed that the text box is not lifted when they have focus. Otherwise everything is as usual.

    (Not available)

    Expander (Unchanged since v1.5 )
    The Metro expander is an expander control whose style was modeled after Visual Studio.
    It has no special properties and can only " expanded" to be .

    Install: (coming soon)

    Sry for my bad English xD i'm from Germany

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