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    Is that possible to use structure type as reference type?!?!

    First of all, answer is 'YES'.

    Well, basically structure type cannot be used by reference type.
    Which means, structure type cannot be Nothing(null).

    Reference Type: Classes, Interfaces, ...
    Value Type(Non reference type): Enum, Structure, ...

    I don't know completely list of reference type and value type.

    BTW, implementation is this:

    [Public | Dim | Private] NameOfVariable As [NonReferencedType]?

    for example:
    Dim intNullable As Int32?
    -> Internally data type of this code will change like this:
    -> Dim intNullable As System.Nullable(Of Int32)

    And using '?' to suffix, you can also use 'Is Nothing' or 'IsNot Nothing' statement.
    This is very useful when you calling API.

    complete example:
    Function GetNullableStructure() As Int32
        Return Nothing
    End Function
    This code's result will false. Cause 'Int32' is structure type and not referenced.

    Function GetNullableStructure() As Int32?
        Return Nothing
    End Function
    This code's result will true. Cause 'Int32' is structure type but 'System.Nullable(Of T)' makes structure type as reference type.

    sorry for my bad english and expression
    I hope this post will helpful to you guys

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