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Thread: Just Banned me

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    Just Banned me

    in reality world the admin knows that the ratio of leecher to progmmer is 1:1000 so my solotions is Dwar just close this forum if u or your company dont want share this hack.........

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    Re: Just Banned me

    Okay now lets count:

    1. Wrong section.
    2. Topic has nothing to do with the Stuff that we talk about in this Forum.
    3. Shut up?!
    4. If he doesnt want to share it, its his buisness.
    5. he already released the new version you idiot.
    6. You already got 3 Warnings and you really think you can say such stuff?
    7. Its because of Idiots like you, that Dwar feels bad and doesnt want to Share stuff.
    8. All he wanted were 10 New Tutorials, but only 2 ppl cared about it.
    9. If you think you can get better stuff anywhere else, get the FK out of here.
    and Number
    10. NR.3!!!!

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