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    How to pointer in ce

    So you want learn how to do that ye? xD
    Its easy, just need little practice.


    Find address that you need and we can make pointer.


    2. Right click on it and choose: "Find out what writes to this address"
    And we have new 2 windows:

    3.Now return to game and do something to change value in our address to obtain opcodes:

    4.Double click on one opcode and we have that extra window:

    5. Now check Hex box and search for ESI address [if we have EAX address with offset we are searching EAX, same with other ones].

    6. We have some addresses on left. Green one is constant so it is probably our pointer address. If on list isn't any green, continue with black. Click "Add address manually", check Pointer box, enter address and offset. OK

    7. We have pointer on our list.

    8. Restart game and check it:

    As you can see, old address value is now wrong.
    Pointer will always allocate correct address.

    Now you can make trainers using soft like:
    - Trainer maker kit [don't works on my win7 x64]
    - Game trainer studio [I think, it will works on any windows]

    EDIT: Uploaded trainer makers.

    Tip: when adding icon to your trainer use maximum 24bit colour and 48x48.
    Warning: Trainers created in tmk, are detected by some anti-viruses as a virus.

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