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    Cool WooTrans.20 - Standalone Trans Bot

    WooTrans.20 is exclusively the "Trans Only NO Hacks" portion of Woo.exe
    Main features:
    - NA/EU
    - All resolutions supported except "Custom -> Fullscreen"
    - Will level up your trans every hour (must have the quest done first)
    - Will join user-inputted channel every time bot goes to town

    NOTE: I will not be continuously updating this standalone feature if it gets detected as long as the complementary hacks to Woo.exe are up and running. This feature is fully included in the complete version of Woo.exe as a map choice.

    How To Use:

    1 - Start WooTrans.exe as admin (You can start this before or after Vindictus)
    2 - Get on a boat in Colhen
    3 - Hit "Home" on your keyboard
    4 - Input "Max Runs" number, channel to join if you want (leaving both boxes unchecked will not use this feature) and check use slot boxes if desired. Slots 1 and 2 can be used for drinking potions/using campfires for titles.
    5 - Hit "Start" and walk away

    "Home" to start
    "Pause" to pause (Do NOT use while bot is moving in a battle)
    "End" to stop

    Common Problems:
    - The GUI won't come up, what do I do? A: Press the "Home" key.Home key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Confirm you are running as admin, and try also Alt+Tab'ing out of Vindictus and pressing Home with the desktop up.
    - My character runs past the Battle Board at the docks. A: Make sure you are using Default "Mouse Mode" and that "a" and "d" strafe left and right, respectively.

    GUI interfaces:

    As far as I know, no one has had banning issues with this program. Still, use at your own risk.

    Thanks to @Nico for providing a dll and some tips on scrambling my files and @Paladin for being cool. - online file sharing and storage - download[/url]

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